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I was reading Laurie Cabots Book Of Shadows yesterday,trying to find the actual practice teachings and came across some info about energy.

She claims " No True menber of the Wiccan Community uses the terms Positive and Negative Energy only Correct and Incorrect energy.  Every Wiccan I ever met said Positive or Negative Energy.

Has anyone ever met anyone who used the terms Laurie Cabot talks about?

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Do not know if this helps; look at the plug you put into a wall outlet, should be a difference in the prongs.

I know what you mean,when reading I thought of the battery studs on a car battery with the plus and minus signs on it.

The body is a bio-electro-chemical device  with experts not sure what is all involved besides my energy input comes from music and never thought about + or -.

Certain sound vibrations does a body good.  

You are right about music and sound but consider this even in music there are two types of energy conveyed to the body depending on the type of music listened to.

happy,peaceful or positive energy
and Angry war like,keep you wanting to kill or Negative energy.


Gypsy's Fire gets you excited,Happy and wanting to dance

Faerie Ring makes you feel peaceful and sleepy

Straight outta compton keeps you angry and wanting to kill or hurt people because its about killing cops.

its like inverting a soundwave if you invert a negative it becomes positive just like reversing the polarity of electricity when the wrong nodes are connected causing a short you reverse the connection and you no longer have a problem.

the same applies to spirit energy if someones spirit is full to over glowing with Anger,Bitterness, and rage it will effect the energy of wherever they may be as well as the people around them. That is why I had to kick Haley out, I absorb energy from the people around me and after a while their energy incorporates some of their personality into me.

Thank the Goddesses and Gods Haley was not in my house ling enough for that.

Have you played with the do-dads that turn music into a light show?

I myself am not wiccan, but amoung the wiccans I have spoken with I have never heard one use the terms "correct or incorrect energy", only "positive and negative". 

I think the author you mention only uses those terms herself to give the impression of being better informed than she actually is.

I actually understand "correct or incorrect energy". One does not use a H bomb as a fly swatter. 

This is One of many. There are programs that allow visual to be added + or -

"the operations of ceremonial Magic. These consist of (1) Sight. The circle, square, triangle, vessels, lamps, robes, implements, etc. (2) Sound. The invocations. (3) Smell. The perfumes. (4) Taste. The Sacraments. (5) Touch. As under (1). (6) Mind. The combination of all these and reflection on their significance. "


Like Karen Black said - I too get a sense that Laurie Cabot created an alternative 'language' for those Terms..
In general the aspect of 'Wiccan' terminology tends to be on par with many other Traditional views on the "Positive/Negative" comment; reaction and understanding...

I personally never use those Terms/Labels, and when both Clients and Students use them in reference to anything - I tend to reevaluate it for them.....certainly "Negative" can become Malevolent, mischievous, disruptive, heavy anything but!  The same applies to its sister venue "Evil" - same process...

Energy on a whole tends to be neutral - it is the action of the physical, be it Nature in general or People in their validating of a situation that then converts that experience into a 'Electrical Field' - like apposing magnets.

This mindset then becomes convincingly compounded by references (written or otherwise) which expands this validation, by fueling the guidelines......creating a determined 'Judgement' -  but in Truth how can One be sure that what they are determining is anywhere, anything but as close as too what they perceive??

Once the mind becomes fixative onto that 'label'...there is little convincing towards any other option.

The real question should be is what 'energy' are you expelling?

Many have been taught an incorrect way to expel the unpleasant energy which only prolongs the healing process and creates psychological and emotional damage. Most people automatically react to 'heavy' energy with like kind, which then creates more of the same energy in a mirrored fashion, leading to more and more pain, more destruction, and more suffering on this planet.

 In order to truly expel unwanted, disruptive, difficult energy, you must look at energy differently and outside of any duality. Most people run from this idea - and more so from anything that they 'Fear' - and with that fear it becomes an expanding unpleasant energy..

They judge it, lock it up, barricade it, kill it, ostracize it; banish it; drown it; destroy it...the list is endless.... 

I tend to teach my clients, and students another level of tools for expelling; repelling; rejecting and/or diverting energy at a core level. The same process is a cycle of drawing in energy that serves the levels of needs etc and at the same time dispensing that which is not needed, that is transmuted into a Cosmic pool.

How does the senses attune to energy? Each sense tunes to a different energy level plus whatever

the subconscious taps during the sleep/dream period.

These are my thoughts.

 What does the subconscious share with the senses upon waking? How does the Quantum realm

partake. Can the Quantum energy be taped by the conscious? for what purpose will it be used?

They may have been refering to intent? Negative intent a.k.a. intent to cause harm, is usually discouraged. Plus, in many cases you have to be careful not to be conflicted; that just confuses things instead of getting the energies to work with you.

Language is fairly fluid, especially between different Wicca denominations, so maybe use context clues to work out what's meant by it.

Me's thinks that + &- , at times, are both correct an incorrect depending on the desired outcome.

 + & - are part of Energy in magnetic fields. Question; how do the magnetic fields fit? ex, Navigation 


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