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What is wrong with building a better version of humankind?

Stronger, fitter, healthier, beautiful and intelligent? 

Why do the mediocre majority want to set a boundary on our potential as a species? 

My argument is an encouragement of a great flood to wipe out the disaster that is modern day man. To make way for a better alternative, for a better future. 

For too long the rightful order has been usurped and inverted. 

Mediocracy demanding:


When you could be demanding:

Mankind is accepting the base as something splendid when it should be something that is overcome, until we are at the highest peak. 

It is an inspired act, not a hateful one. 

Your feelings of inadequacy should not be put above the benefit of the human race as a whole, instead human potential should be explored, encouraged, exploited wherever possible until we achieve the highest order of perfection. 

I denounce a society obsessed with mediocracy, with polishing a turd and presenting it as a Prince. 

To the rightful order. 

Unto Heaven. 

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I care about doing this for myself - using magick, science, alchemy, nutrition, entheogens, and anything else to become a "super-human" which is basically "The Great Work".

But the fact is, the species evolves regardless of the "feelings" of society.

The problem is we have had some mad-men (Hitler comes to mind) who pushed Eugenics as a means of exterminating perceived enemies, and the memory of that is still pretty fresh in peoples minds.  This has led to the present state where Eugenics = Nazism. 

So tread carefully here because the knee jerk reaction to that word "Eugenics" is still very prevalent amoungst most people.

Yeah that is the knee jerk reaction but as you have pointed out, many people are in pursuit of the great work. Yours happens to be spiritual, as will many other people on this site. 

We have no problem with people meditating to change their mind set or performing rituals. We also are in a world where crops are being manipulated genetically to increase food security as well as crop yield. People consider abortions if told the news their child will be born with a disability. There are many examples of people employing some form of self improvement, be it on humans, plants or even psychologically or spiritually - yet the one great transformation that could occur sometime in the future is being made taboo. 

I think society needs to break down this taboo, sooner rather then later. Though people have a hard time accepting abortions, gay marriage and gun control - never mind the up and coming Übermensch. 

The self limiting factor within people is probably one of the greatest tragedies. A thing so capable, yet so frightened of what is capable. 

I suspect that there are "secret labs" working on this very thing.  Most likely in the area of "Super Solders" unfortunately.  Possibly super athletes as well.  I suspect in the more dictatorial countries this is definitely going on right now and has been for some time.

I would not mind becoming a "Super Saiyan" :)

I was watching a video online that suggested countries such as China will not have such a high regard for morals and ethics in this area of science. 

This could be a new arms race (without sounding hysterical), as one nation begins the quest to build a better man kind, surely others will be forced to join or be left behind. 

Interestingly, Dragon Ball Z is based on a Chinese myth. It involved a character who is accompanied with other characters and is an allegory for enlightenment and the breaking of the wheel (rebirth). Obviously it has been adapted to appeal to a larger audience. I forget the name of the myth it is based on, which is unfortunate as it may have been of interest to some people here. So in short 'Super Saiyan' and all the fighting was the struggle of humans towards enlightenment. 

The myth is Son Goku in Japanese and Wukong in Chinese: monkey king. I would say it's loosely based and it's Toriyama's world. The development in Z and early DB goes away from the myth.


The danger of genetic bankruptcy is real. Genetic diversity isn’t just a nice liberal idea, it’s a matter of species survival. Pure bred animals tend to suffer from a host of genetic faults and illnesses, where mutts are nearly always healthy and thrive in even difficult environments. Nature is smarter than man, and leaving the door open genetically for things we can’t possibly conceive of may keep us, like our ancestors, avoid extinction. There’s some evidence that Tibetans gained their high-altitude ability by integrating with a previous line of humans now extinct. If they’d consciously bred themselves based on social ideas, they’d have missed out on the unexpected advantage resulting from just falling in love.

The first attempts at messing with human genetics did cure the “boy in the bubble” syndrome, but almost all the patients ended up with Leukemia. They’ve since found ways around that, but playing god is still a dangerous thing to do for humans. Playing around with our food supply (GMOs, etc.) has shrunk the available gene-pool for foods we can’t do without and put our health at risk.

You are right when making reference to animals - particularly dogs ("mutts"), however the 'blue bloods' of Europe such as the Queen of the UK have very long lives and are still incredibly active regardless of a smaller gene pool. Just to offer an alternative example. 

The "Blue Bloods" tend to madness and deformity, so I'm not sure they're the best example for your ideal. Their current extended lives are more about money, power, and technology, not genetics. Before technology they tended to die as fast as anybody if not faster.

Humans are beautiful animals, but when they play at being gods things turn very ugly.

Even with money and technology, if their genes were so impaired as to become mad and deformed then they wouldn't be working way past most peoples age of retirement. 

Point being, regardless of their selective breeding they are still strong. 

I could just as easily argue that the madness and deformity was due to a lack of technology in the past, an inability to diagnose and cure early. I could also argue the reason so many royals have such a history is precisely because their family history is recorded and told. Many common peoples family history went on unknown. 

The pendulum swings both ways. 

In the near future I shall post a blog on Pagan Space in which I will share the results of my extensive occult studies---by which I mean my direct perception of the past. In esoteric circles it would be said that I "read the akashic records". But I do not depend upon your faith in my "faculties". My conclusions are very reasonable and have been approached by others purely along scientific and historical lines.

Here is the gist of it: studies in mitochondrial DNA have led scientists to conclude that everyone alive today is descended from one woman who lived in sub-Saharan Aftrica 200,000 years ago. Mitochondrial DNA has therefore been nicknamed the "Eve gene". Her mitochondrial type was haplogroup L, found today in nations such as Nigeria, the Congo, and Kenya. The mother of humanity was a black woman.

Here is my contribution to the story: 200,000 years ago genetic scientists from a planet that orbits the star Aldebaran came to the earth and created the human genome from their own DNA and the DNA of pre-human hominids. Their intention was to create a slave race that would serve them, and our potential was deliberately "dumbed down" with the result that the "Aldebarans" appear to be a "master race" by comparison. The genome that they created contains about 4,000 errors that manifest themselves as genetic illnesses, mental illness, criminal tendencies, a short life span, etc.

Two spiritual masters from a planet that orbits the star Sirius were invited to be the "Adam" and "Eve" who would inhabit the first human bodies. The Aldebarans did not want to use two of their own kind because their intention was to enslave us. The two "Sirians" were told that the genome was virtually perfect, but unfortunately the new bodies proved to be anything but perfect, and could not sustain their high level of spiritual consciousness.

The myth of the Garden of Eden is a memory of these events. The genetic engineers of Aldebaran were the "serpent" who deceived Adam and Eve by telling them that they (and their children) would be "like gods". When the first parents "ate the fruit" by attaching themselves to the wombs in which the new embryos were developing, they "disobeyed God". That leads me to believe that another spiritual master, perhaps their own teacher on Sirius, warned them not to trust the Aldebarans. When the new bodies were unable to sustain their spiritual consciousness they were "expelled" from the Garden of Eden. The garden symbolizes a state of consciousness characterized by knowledge or wisdom and bliss or happiness. 

When the Aldebarans began to work with Maria Orsic to provide technology that would eventually be used by the Nazis in WWII their ultimate aim was to redo the human genome in order to finally create the slave race that they wanted. Their knowledge and skills were rudimentary 200,000 years ago compared to what they are now. The human genome that they created contains a level of error which they find unacceptable even in a slave race. But another result of their imperfect science was that the "slave race" did not actually become their slaves---it was surprisingly stubborn and independent, and continually rebelled against them. A number of mythologies contain a record of occasions when the "gods" decided to destroy humanity or harm humanity in some way because of the threat that we posed to them. Zeus tried to destroy humanity but Prometheus prevented him from doing so. In the Book of Genesis "God" tried to destroy humanity through a flood, and later on created the confusion of multiple languages to prevent us from building a "tower to heaven". 

Hitler met with representatives of the Aldebarans. They were the ideal, the "master race" he wanted to create on earth. The Aldebarans are often called Nordics in the UFO literature because they resemble Scandinavians and northern Germans in appearance. The Aldebarans hoped that the Third Reich would enable them to control the planet earth. Their plan was to sterilize almost all of humanity and use their skills as genetic engineers to create a new "race"---not a master race, but the slave race that they originally wanted.

Eugenics is a topic worthy of discussion because our genome is flawed. But I have noticed that the usual aim of eugenics programs is to create a "superman" and "superwoman" who are like the masterful but heartless Aldebarans. I have yet to hear about a eugenics program that has the aim of creating a new man and woman who would be like our Sirian parents. We see our parents not in the Hitlers and the Caesars that sometimes rule us, but in Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Carl Jung, the Dalai Lama, Winston Churchill, Jesus, the Buddha, and all those whom we instinctively recognize are humanity at its best. Not the super soldier.

Eugenics is not necessary because non-genetic means can be used to counteract the "dumbing down" of the genome, for the genome that we have is capable of attaining a level of intelligence equal to that of the Aldebarans. And not only intelligence---we are capable of creativity, compassion, and spirituality. We must not think that the contributions of the hominids to our genome are negligible or in any way contemptible. We are, in fact, children of the earth---and the Aldebarans may have mixed their "blood" with ours, but that is not the best part of us.

I agree. The religions of the world have been using a kind of "educational eugenics" to rid humanity of its rebelliousness, as though that were a fault. The ancient Hebrews were criticized for being "stiff necked". We must always "obey"---without questioning, and with humility. But if we were not stubborn, incorrigibly independent, and rebellious, we would have become slaves to the Hitlers and the Pharaohs long ago, and we would have remained enslaved for millenia.

Rebelliousness is just one quality that is discouraged in society but can be one of our best traits in appropriate circumstances.

As for mediocrity---I see everything in the light of reincarnation. Although some people are simply lazy, others have been traumatized in the past and need to rest for a lifetime and be "little". It is best not to judge. It is best to have ideals and teach them in schools but not force them upon people.

If anything should be removed from the human genome it would be the kind of disease that afflicted Stephen Hawking. It should not have been necessary that his genius be housed in a deformed body. Newton did not suffer that personal anguish, nor did Einstein, nor many a man of outstanding intellect. Let us see if we can eliminate such diseases from our genome without the disruption of people's lives that usually result from eugenics programs.


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