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I listened to a compelling argument where one of the people speaking took the position that almost everyone, regardless of how they described their spiritual belief, is actually a Satanist.

They made some good points about the true nature of mankind and how being selfish serves the greater good.

They also pointed out that most systems of organizing human behavior are based in the philosophy of Satanism.

Satanism is the pinnacle of evolutionary development.

I wonder what other Pagan's would think about this?

That's why I'm posting here, to see what you think.

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Can you give some examples?


The position put forward is individual greed is good, it creates dynamic action. Being self centered and self absorbed is humanities true nature and fighting this is counter productive.

Everyone is naturally seeking advantage for themselves, at the expense of everyone or anyone else.

Altruistic actions are subterfuge, entrapment to modify behavior for control. 


I would not go as far as to say "all" are satanists, but i would say most of the right hand followers are actually left hand followers. They may pretend to have others' best interests at heart, but only do the things they do to recieve some type of recompense. If this recompence is manifest in this life or another future paradise matters little, as almost all of them are secretly LHP.

It sounds like your friend is spouting some old Imperialist dogma about natural selection making “us” better than “them.” It’s junk philosophy. Animals including humans are naturally altruistic. Even a bear will save a bird from drowning. I’m not sure this has anything to do with Satanism, though I’ll have to let a Satanist actually make that argument.

Satanism is the pinnacle of evolutionary development.


Individuals who rise to the top of their fields of endeavor and accomplish perceptible achievements -- whether it be in engineering, architecture, medicine, etc. --  are closer to what I would call "the pinnacle of evolutionary development."  Not individuals who merely claim "superiority" -- by virtue of either their religion or race -- and really have done nothing in their own lives to show for it.

Yeah, achieve or accomplish something.

Technically, humans stopped evolving about 100,000 or so years ago, when we learned to use our oversized brains to cheat death. The facts from science say we’re not even close to being the most evolved species on the planet. However, the more evolved a species is—the more fit for its environment—the more likely it will go extinct the second something disturbs its home. Be thankful you’re not so evolved.

Since Satanism is a relatively young religion, I'd daresay Satanists are more like the ancients in some ways than any pagan is like them.

Firstly, it's not a religion. Which is why it's described as the "Un-religion".  It takes tradition, satirizes it and spreads it like an infection. 

Second, It's a method of Heterdoxy and Antinomianism which has been in practice since the dawn of man.  Any person that seeks to liberate oneself from the influences of family, tribe or culture but especially those delving into Taboo is on a left-course.

And finally, In name only, 'Satan' is one of hundreds of symbols that could be used to encapsulate the Left-hand Path.  Left-handedness, is the opposite of Nomos/Orthopraxy.

I imagine there are several types of Satanism.  And the United States government recognizes at least one version of Satanism as a religion.  So there's that.

No, Satanism is just Satanism. It's just one manifestation of the LHP.  Everything else is misunderstanding.

Whether the government recognizes it or not, doesn't mean much aside practice for men/women in the Armed forces and dipping out of religious events.  Many service members use it for that because believe it or not, our military is still pretty religious.  Many bases have patron saints, coerce young soldiers to church and all that clap trap.  You can use it to excuse yourself.

Government recognition does not a religion make. It's a method of approach.  Not a religion.

No, Satanism is just Satanism. It's just one manifestation of the LHP.  Everything else is misunderstanding.

Sorry Sin, Satanism has sects just like every other religion and you can't speak for all of them.

So, the Satanists who applied for religious status with the US for Satanism obviously disagree with you and they believe it IS a religion.  Or their version anyway.


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