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Hi everyone, 


    Just a quick question, does anyone know any out of the broom closet famous/celebrity pagans? I know of a few:


Sully Erna(lead singer of Godsmack)

Fred Durst (limp Bizkit)

Neil Young

Viggo Mortenson (Aragorn from Lord of the Rings)


Anyone know any others? Please keep the list to confirmed Pagans, not speculative :)

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Patrick Duffy is a Buddhist

Fairuza Balk (who played Nancy Downs in the movie The Craft) is pagan

i thought Balk was just doing it for a publicity stunt or something

Nope, she really is. She even owns a pagan store....maybe more, but I know of at least one. :)

she used to own the occult shop, but it was bought from her almost 10 years ago. i've spoken to the owners about it and they don't like mentioning her.

had issues with her. she is , as they put it, persona non gratis to them.

i love that movie. It's my favorite and i love fairuza balk too. That's cool that she is a pagan and all. Awesome ^_^!

Its a good lesson in what not to do!

Cybil Sheppard - Actor

Erica Jong - Author


Richard Gere has been a Buddhist for about twenty years now, I have seen a few documentaries about Tibet and Buddhism in general he has been involved with or interviewed for.

Yes, I can't remember the year, but Cybil Sheppard thanked the Goddess when she won an award.

All I could think was "You Go Girl!!"


Just Bumping my own post with an update.


Winston Churchhill was initiated into a Druid Group


Heinrich Schliemann the father of archeology was a Pagan.

found this list by's funny how they put z budapest on it...well duh!


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