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Currently we are living in an environment which turns so fast and it doesn't seem to stop.
Even human Population grows in an exponential speed.
Right now I am in south africa, because I didn't seem to get anywhere in life.
I am right now at Drakensberg, a really calm place in the mountains.
Before that I was in Johannesburg, a really fast lived city. I didn't like it that much.
When I left I saw a black man in a suit standing on the crossroads. This man reminded me of the african god eshu. He is the god of the crossroads and he is dressed in fine clothes. On the other side his alter ego is like a wild animal or at least a caveman. This depiction is similar to the hopi prophecy, where a great spirit is standing between two roads. One road keeps on moving alongside natute, the other one keeps on spacing out zizzaging out of the picture. Here in South africa there is a sign that depicts a cross of two roads. I've been thinking about the symbol of the cross. Not the christian one, but the original where all lines have the same length from the center. In native american culture you have the medicine wheel, a circle with a cross in the middle. In asia it is the swastika or samsara wheel. All spokes move around one central point. This point needs to stay in the center or the wheel will start to wobble or maybe even break. Therefore we need to keep on balancing ourselves and find a place of rest. In chinese culture this is the tao. If we don't keep our good and bad (spenta/angra, tov/ra, yin/yang)
Spirits in balance, our wheels will soon be doing what they want and we won't come to our Destination!
Keep on moving, keep on working, keep on living......

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