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Do you fast before an important ceremony? If so for how long.

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Ceremony? no

Ritual or spell-work? yes

It depends on the ritual or spell-work. Sometimes the "light" fasting (no animal origin food - that means no meat, diary, eggs or fish), sometimes the "strong" fasting (only plain bread and water allowed), sometimes the "black" fasting (no food and/or water between sunrise and sunset, water allowed after sunset). How long? Again, depends on the ritual/spell-work.
Thank you for sharing that Seachain Aroon my reason for asking was, that on speaking to other practitioners, few actually fasted and were surprised by the question.
I fast as a way of celebrating Imbolc, just for the one day... it's a purifying practice for me, cleansing.
I have also found that, if done correctly (for one or more days), it can be helpful for shamanic work, but I have rarely used it for that... mostly out of convenience.
I like food and fasting seems a little traumatic to me.
I have done juice fasts. Very cleansing. The first thing I ate after my first juice fast was a salad. Bad choice, all that juice and then roughage. Not a pretty picture.
I hope you got over it quickly (smiles)
Well said Robert and sensible comments. I am like you tall and very slim and need a little often LOL. So, when I need to fast I reduce fats, certain sugars, I don't eat meat, no alcohol. As you say BE VERY CAREFUL especially if one is on medication. Thank you for sharing.
Customarily I fast in honor of Ceres *Adoratio* and Diana *Adoratio* for two weeks each in March and August. Between 2007 and 2008 I fasted for a full year as a part of an Ex Voto to Apollo. *Adoratio* I also used to observe ritual fasts from meat for three days prior to any religious ritual I was taking part in. I don't do that anymore because now I've adopted a ritual Vegetarian lifestyle permanantly.

Right now I abstain from meat unless its a feast day, on feast days I am obligated to take part in the rites and festivites of certain Gods and it would be rude of me to not partake. I periodically fast from other things as well, giving up my addictions is something that I tend to do frequently. Its an exercise in willpower and self analysis but it is also a part of being dutiful and respectful of the traditions of my religious culture.

Yes Poisoned Spoon willpower has a great deal to do with this. Obviously you have had much practise and know what is safe for you and how to handle possible physical after effects. Thank you for sharing.
Nope. I don't fast at all. It has never occurred to me to fast. How strange...
Interesting question Lady Eamane' for I quite often think about fasting but I've yet to do it on a regular basis. Fasting and cleansing are truly important components of a successful ritual. Thanks for reminding us...Gwen
Greetings Char yep from what you have told me Fasting is not good for you right now obviously you know what you need to throw in the bin and what is good for you. Take care.
OMG LOL are you serious LOL


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