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Hey guys,

I would like to ask you a quick question for an informal survey: What are the 10-12 herbs and spices that you find yourself turning to again and again for use in ritual and in magick?

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Thanks.  Where do you get **real** yew from?

 I use some New Zealand natives I've collected on my nature treks those being:- Manuka,Totara,Kawakawa,

others are the common ones:- Sage,Rosemary,Thyme,Lemon verbena,Dandelion,Basil,Sandalwood.

Thyme, rosemary, rue, cinnamon, salt

Lavender, angelica, mugwort, rosemary, rose petals dried in sea salt, marjoram, citrus peels, star anise, thyme, calendula, willow, sage, birch.

Cinnamon all day. What about you? 


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