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Lately ive been really worrying about what will happen after I die. I don't have a lot of access to my stories and would like to know what it is that Druids are supposed to believe about the afterlife and who goes where and whatnot.

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What if the ego does not survive death?

I doubt anyone really knows. Lets say there is no such thing as reincarnation. Why not use the time that you have to explore ways to enjoy life while you have it.

Thank you for the ibput
Some Druids believe in reincarnation, I personally subscribe to this view, while others believe in extinction. One's belief about the afterlife should not be a cause for strife, to each his own. Others hold beliefs in a Valhalla/Heavenly afterlife existence, there is no dogmatic stance. If someone claims to have exclusive knowledge that is unprovable, then the promulgator is a simpleton or a charlatan.


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