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I am literally just appalled by this group.  If you don't know who they are click here.

What are your thoughts on this group?  Is sextremism valid?  Good feminism?  Misguided?  Or just all out wrong and bad? 

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They need to establish centers all across Europe and belittle Muslim women just to prove breasts aren't sexual? 

From what I've heard, they are just an extremists group of feminists. I've seen them being compared to The Westboro Baptist Church because they are both severely extremists groups.


FEMEN Trial: Paris

The trial of radical feminist Eloise Bouton is adjourned until 15 October 2014. The Femen activist is charged with indecent exposure, after toplessly miming an abortion in a Paris church.

Quote from that clip:

'no one should ever expose themselves inside a church'.

500 years worth of alter boys would agree with that, particularly when it pertains to priests and others of authority.

Wtf? Go titties! Mime those abortions if you wanna! Her body, her choice.

I am a feminist myself, but I am not even close to being as extreme as this group seems to be. My thing with being a feminist is, everyone has a choice. Muslim women don't need to "get naked" if they don't want to. You can't force their "liberation" if they don't want it. What if they're happy in their current attire? I support and encourage women and men to dress in what they are happy wearing or not wearing.

Co-Founder found dead in Apartment

She was alleged to have been kidnapped previously.  In this event, there was a suicide note.  So either people were just tired of her shit, this is a frame job to pin it to the Russian government (#Russiagate), or this was legit a woman with a lot of issues.

"Muslim women don't need to "get naked" if they don't want to."

Hmm, ? Cmon, it's just a figure of speech, a statement of personal freedom and liberation, ha ha ha......It makes me want to go vegan!

You could get a Muslim woman hung in her own back yard, in less than a New York minute.

But what if they decide they want to? That' the whole ironic absurdity of unchaining Muslim women from their religion, and linking them via their own choice to feminism.

Forcing liberation is an oximoronic idea. It defies the laws of nature.

If they have a choice of free thinking, or free will, then they would probably rather go naked.

What I don't get is this heavily liberated naked Femen public profile, and trying to rationalize that with animate oppostion to prositution and sex tourism. It seems a bit psychiatrically unbalanced.

But I would rather see a hunderd naked Femens anyday than a hundred Muslim women dressed in their tradtional black funeral garb....

That leads us to Redbubble, and Satanic Nun T shirts. Very well done, by the way!

This kind of group is the same as 'Pussy Riot' in Russia. They're using nudity and baring their breasts as a symbol of peace and love to make their point about women's issues, which is a bit chaotic at the moment, and includes everything.

This is the goddess reaching out and making herself heard.

Whatever it takes. I would say they make their point rather nicely!


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