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I am literally just appalled by this group.  If you don't know who they are click here.

What are your thoughts on this group?  Is sextremism valid?  Good feminism?  Misguided?  Or just all out wrong and bad? 

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Reminds me of the feminist movement in the U.S in the 70's when women went bra-less and burned their bra's in public.

What's to hate they are an Eastern European group probably roughly where Western Europe was in about the 1970s.

I personally don't get it.  I don't see how the nudity works.

Want their em boobs lol

This is just another fanatical group imposing their views on others, as far as I'm concerned. If women choose to participate in prostitution (one thing they fight against....yet the oldest 'profession' in the world....) it should be their choice. However, the sex slave trade has made a mockery of this idea...

What else do they rally against?

Islam and Sheri law. If this model of living works for those following it, why not live and let live?

Abortion laws? Again, should be a personal choice... but how are topless protests helping? Wouldn't orphaned children be a better example of the lack of allowing abortions?

They're not fighting against women choosing prostitution, but rather being forced into it. Sheri law, to some, is not something to live and let live. Many people see it very similar to slavery in most respects. Topless protests help because it's shocking. It makes news, and people find out about them because of it. It's a publicity stunt.

Right, as if thousands of years of 'culture' hasn't shown us squat.  We need tits to make us aware of the obvious.  Derp.

Would it be cheeky to say, their methods are a tit bit ta-boo(b) lmao

get mens attention better than boobs? I dunno either....unless they went stark naked? lol ;)

I thought it was IRONMEN......bra burners got more radical in the 70's the more attention they got,boobs does get attention....If ISLAMIC WOMEN want to voice out about their culture,are they allowed too though? There are many,many instances of "punishment" when they have tried....

Bra burning started in the 60's, it just made a come-back.


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