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I was curious if anyone has any decent suggestions for fiction books that are worth reading... it has been a bit since I have read fiction (I am quite picky about my reading).  I can never seem to find a good book that really captured my interest... =)

Thanks a bunch and blessed be.

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Everything by Marion Zimmer Bradley, most known for the "Mist of avalon", but my fav are the darkover series. Read one, if you enjoy then you got plenty of stuff to read cause she was a prolific author.


Everything by Anne rice, ok she wrote about vampire (lestat and interview with a vampire are from her) and I understood you don't like vampire stories, well try the "Mayfair Witches" series, if you like it, same as above she is really prolific.


Last but not least, Paulo Coehlo, wrote a book called "The alchimist" a best seller with 65millions copies sold, this is probably one of the most esoteric contemporary "fiction" writers, try it, like it, same as above...





I dig Anne Rice... but this NEW vampire sh!t is exactly that!  Its too juvenile for my liking.  I've read quite a bit of Anne Rice.  As for the other authors mentioned I will consider them.  I have a list of authors to go through... I give each book 1/3 the way through.  If after that I am not aching for more, to see whats next, I give the book away.

Any who... thanks a bunch.


But only read Gabaldon's "Outlander" series and Anne Rice's "Witches of Mayfair" series if you don't mind serious sex scenes scattered throughout. :D

And fights,magick,great character development and a continual series

Which one?

OUTLANDER.Just read the Fiery Cross.Jamie and Claire are good pals of mine......

I lost patience with the Outlander series after Voyager.  If she had just ended it there, it would have been a great series.  Before, the characters ran into trouble when they weren't trying to find it.  So it was chase and action adventure.  So what happens after Voyager?  The author needed to keep the series going, so she had the characters do stupid things to attract trouble.  Now it's soap opera.  After being chased across two countries as criminals with a death sentence on their heads, they find a new homeland where they can start afresh and free.  And what does one of the main characters decide to do?   Become leader of his people in their new homeland.  Really?  I mean, really?  How idiotic was that?  And don't even get me started on that little s--t Brianna.  


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