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Very nice list.

Wonderful list, Turmeric is brilliant :)


Lot of fish , like salmon , albacore tuna , snapper , halibut , trout...check

Broccoli , garlic , green onions , kale , spinach...check

All the fruits...check

Olive oil...check

Let's see...

Cocoa with almonds , cocoa with hazelnuts , cocoa with chili peppers ,

cocoa with mint , cocoa with cinnamon , and more cocoa !


Image result for Wake Me Up For Cocoa

Don't forget the whip cream--lol. Its just not cocoa without it :). And a razzleberry parfait for breakfast or desert-YUM. I cant wait until they come into season :). I can get fresh blueberries right around the corner from my house-fresh blackberries in my yard-and a small farm about 1/2 mile down the road that might have strawberries.

Great picture-and the next time i made chocolate dipped strawberries i will add walnuts for crunch. 


forgone conclusion. i dont know anyone that dosent know this. along with foods with the inevitable sweet tooth that goes along with it. No chemical induced sugars or additives, in my day it wasnt known.

You said chronic :3 Hey hey hey! Smoke weed e'ry day! :D

I've been taking Turmeric & Cinniamon (which I also use to keep from getting car sick) for

some time now, but didn't know about all of these others.  Thank you so much for sharing

I will be adding more of theses things to my diet :-D

Great list!

One more herb you may want to add to this list is "Stinging Nettle" - I have used this for healing the pain of my basil joints (the first joint of the thumb closest to the base of the hand). I program computers, play guitar, and do a lot of close work in my shop so those joints can get cranky. Stinging Nettle tea (with a slice of ginger) greatly relieves this pain and has many other health benefits as well.


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