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I was musing this morning about being a neo-druid, and what that means to different people.  For me, I have taken responsibility for a good chunk of my town and consider myself a kind of minister to my "tribe" -- my extended family, friends, and community -- acting as both an advocate and a subtle influence to make my community a better place. 


Which got me thinking: as helpful as the rites and rituals are to me, personally, what are the actual skills that serve me best when it comes to performing my druidy duties?  I made a list, got about 25 things that I considered "essential druidic skills", and then wondered what other druids considered "essential". 


To that end, I figured I throw open the discussion based on the question: What are the 25 most valuable skills, practical or magickal (if one makes such distinctions) that aid you in your practice?  And are you more of a community-oriented extroverted druid, or a personally-oriented introverted druid? 


Let's hear what you think.  I mean, it's Friday.  It's not like you're going to get any real work done, is it?


Arion the Blue

High Druid of Durham

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