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Inspired by a statement this is a thread for listing any of those who

have not been seen for a long time on Paganspace and are missed...

Perhaps someone else has seen them elsewhere online , or knows

of them in real life that can inform if they are still in body...

If they have passed , this is a place for news , and well wishes...

On the other hand , this is a place to list anyone you would love to

see back on Paganspace , who is missing in action...

Perhaps that part of this thread , could be seen as an experiment

in thought , if enough people hold the thought , or post the desire

to see them again , and they show up...;)

Lastly , please post if you want to see someone back , and have

taken action to send them a message , you / we miss them...

And to end for now...this is the place to light a candle for those

we will not see or hear from in this lifetime , again...

For the Fallen , For The Risen , For Those Who Crossed Over , For

Those Who Are Here , And Still Remain...I Light The First Candle !

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But I'm not MIA. I am incognito.

*puts on disguise glasses on Xuch-chan* :3

I was hoping someone would appreciate it , especially you , my "friend"...;)

There shall come a day when I too shall cross over that abyss...

I will be leaving a request for my relatives to let those here know ,

when it was my time...perhaps someone will care to know then...;)

The older I get...the more friends are no longer seen...the more I realize

how precious friendships are , even with online cohorts...

Sometimes , that is all some people have , sadly enough...

And if we can acknowledge how important that little bit of humanity can be...

How our interactions online , and in real life , can touch the heart and soul ,

and make a difference...whether support , criticism , satire , commiseration ,

laughter , compassion , or inane silliness , among many sharings...

We honor the best within us...and *that* , I believe , is a *good* thing...;)

Best to you !

I light a candle too for those who left for whatever reason. I had two very close friends here and I havent heard from them for 5 years or so. I met them here and they were like a sister and brother to me. Lesson learned-make sure those are dear to you can contact you by phone or email. These sites we were on just vanished. I still feel connected to them. I wont go MIA but wondering who i can contact in a worse case scenario if something happens to me. I am blessed to have known them and i wish i had done this sooner.

Until the day I am MIA , you can always let me know what is going on...

By the way , you are MIA , on what I hear may be a special day for you...

So...for you , and all those MIA on their special day...Paul is not dead , and

has a special wish for do I !

Thanks Shawn :).

Will light a candle tomorrow night.
Sweet baby Thor in a thunderstorm, I miss Ravnyr!

Rose, Cailleach (Kara) Vigisdotter, Hells Maire, Jason, so many MIA.

Hopeful, they remain in good health and some may find their way back to us.

Also, it is feels good to be back on here :)
Hells Maire was my paganspace crush... yeet
Granted my bollocks would of been ripped off ha

She was hellfire , and coy...

She knew how to twist a phrase around her little


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