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Inspired by a statement this is a thread for listing any of those who

have not been seen for a long time on Paganspace and are missed...

Perhaps someone else has seen them elsewhere online , or knows

of them in real life that can inform if they are still in body...

If they have passed , this is a place for news , and well wishes...

On the other hand , this is a place to list anyone you would love to

see back on Paganspace , who is missing in action...

Perhaps that part of this thread , could be seen as an experiment

in thought , if enough people hold the thought , or post the desire

to see them again , and they show up...;)

Lastly , please post if you want to see someone back , and have

taken action to send them a message , you / we miss them...

And to end for now...this is the place to light a candle for those

we will not see or hear from in this lifetime , again...

For the Fallen , For The Risen , For Those Who Crossed Over , For

Those Who Are Here , And Still Remain...I Light The First Candle !

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I used to talk to SIN all the time in PM, as well.  I think she's just busy with other projects right now.  She's both an artist and a businesswoman, with a life outside of PS. 

Not like us slackers, who hang out here all the time and shoot the breeze.  :)

I'm alive, trying to be on more often!

Thanks for checking in, Rose S.!  Hope to see you around more!


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