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what rituals and spells do you think are more appropriate for this day,especially in this month ? 

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Dividing Goats and Sheep.

Why do you think Friday 13th is an out of the ordinary day that needs additional rituals and spells?

Corbul said :

"the idea that all fictional characters exist on one, or several, plains of existence.

So, the more people believe in something, the bigger the chance it exists or has significance." many people did it take for you to manifest , or have significance ?

Or , are you just a cyberspatial figment of our imagination ?

Have you checked lately ?


Just Always Remember


Corbul pretty much explained it,also it's about numerology too,and can be more effective especially in this month as I was saying

Definitely a good Dark Moon day for a cursing.

Not a question of belief in something superstitious. From experience, numerologically speaking, it's a day when things typically go wrong, either magically or by the intentional deeds of someone.

Or. to just connect w/ a Dark Entity.

This should give you plenty to work with!

Light some black candles and draw down the moon...if itz full or waxing, itz good for positive affirmations! *snarkles*

    I always have good luck on Friday the 13th.

Me to


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