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It seems, and this is just personal observation of myself. That I am more emotional and emotionally crappy at the time of the full moon. I have no idea if this is normal or not, and I don't understand why it effects me this way. But my emotional stability goes off the charts and I'm usually a train wreck. 

What can I do about this? Is there a way to change this effect it has on me? Because it's not very pleasant.  

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I was born during a new moon, and before I started tracking moon cycles I thought that would be my peak energy time. However, after I started tracking the cycles, I’ve found that energetically I spin up to a Full Moon, and as the moon fades to a New Moon, it drains away. Things go wrong more often on no moon days, and all I want to do is go back to bed. I’m more likely to be grumpy or cry during new moons. You might want to check your chart and see where the moon was when you were born. I don't have proof yet, but its possible the moon you're born under is your down time moon.

That's an interesting theory Medb. I hadn't thought of it that way. I need to go look up what moon I was born under. 

I never knew the whole moon sign was even a thing. But I got an astrology book. I have no idea where to begin discovering what moon I was born under. What's the best way to find out? 

My experience is closer to yours Med but I was born (thanks google) 4 days before new moon. Dark moon often finds me gloomy and introspective which often doesn't pass until after new moon. Perhaps because my practice involves tapping lunar energy as wel as earth energy I have always accepted that my mood follows the moon cycles closely although I couldn't tell you if its always been that before I took up my pagan practice.
Full moon is usually a high time for me

I'm not an expert in this area, but I do know that in Greek medicine the full moon is said to have a melancholic effect. I find this to be true for myself and many people I know. Some people also say that women are more sensitive to this effect, but I don't know if that's true. 

So it's not just me? I feel better about that. Literally, on the way to work, I started to cry. And I have only good things happening in my life. I am super emotional and just....blah. Feeling exhausted too. My energy is real low....I felt tired all day. 

Generally, full moons make me want to howl, and new moons make me want to crawl under the house. The one exception was the new moon when it eclipsed the sun, and that was a surprisingly energetic time. I couldn't sit still.

A little Ginsberg on a full moon is always good. =)

Full moons drive emotions very often in a lot of people and 

I find it so interesting we're all affected in different ways by different moon cycles. I'll have to pay attention to the full lunar cycle and see where my moods go. 

When one considers this , one should observe not

just the moon cycles , yet personal biorhythm cycles ,

which affect us differently ;

For instance it has been posited a woman has a 28 day

emotional cycle which is her dominant cycle ;

Yet she has a less influential 23 day physical cycle , which

is added to the equation ;

Men , on the other hand , have a 23 day dominant physical

biorhythm cycle , with a less influential emotional 28 day

cycle added to the equation ;

On top of that , it has been posited both male and female

run a 33 day mental biorhythm program ;

Thus , three biorhythm programs to take into account ,

with peak influences halfway through each cycle ;

With the 28 day cycle , we are looking at a 14 day emotional peak time ;

With the 23 day cycle , we are looking at a 11 1/2 day physical peak time ;

With the 33 day cycle , we are looking at a 16 1/2 day mental peak time ;

Further , as regards a woman , during her menses , in Tantra it is taught

her energy flow reverses direction ;

( most do not know the "Hammer Of Witches" was originally formed by

the woman superior position , sitting up , astride a prone man during

lovemaking , thus creating an energy field of empowerment during the

menses time ; one can imagine this threatened the patriarchs )

So , one "should" consider all these influences , and more , when one

is attempting to track emotional , physical , mental , and psychic energy ,

over a time period , while taking into account any influences the moon

may exert...

Just some extra info for stone soup here...;)

Kudos for the stone soup! For the sake of open compassion, would you give a short list of peaks and waning times for the next month or two? 


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