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It seems, and this is just personal observation of myself. That I am more emotional and emotionally crappy at the time of the full moon. I have no idea if this is normal or not, and I don't understand why it effects me this way. But my emotional stability goes off the charts and I'm usually a train wreck. 

What can I do about this? Is there a way to change this effect it has on me? Because it's not very pleasant.  

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For each person they are different ,

as they start on the day you are born ;

Even just a single person can just wait years for all three

to align with peaks on the same day , let alone any couple ,

having six peaks , on the same day...

Let me see here , I believe I saw some sites you can figure it out :

Here is just one site that also gives pros and cons of authenticity

or the idea of it being real :

"too stupid to come out in the rain." I connect with that line a lot. Almost all my frogs were frowns. =(

Just as the moon has an effect on thetides, it also affects each one is us differently. So you're noticing the pattern for yourself. Grounding exercises during this time can help. Basically you want to create a separate pattern for yourself when this time period rolls around to balance it out. Whether that be taking an extra long bath, pulling Crystal's out to charge under the full moon or engaging in a full moon ritual yourself... all that matters is working with the vibes of the time. 


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