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Another thread got me asking...

what exactly is a pagan funeral? how does it differ from a christian funeral?

What other types of funerals are there? (What is the practice and it's following)

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"what exactly is a pagan funeral ?"

I believe that there a lot of different meaning behind the word "funeral". All are influenced by how the deceased and the family believe.

Basically, I think that for the monotheistics, funerals are related to the presentation of the soul of the dead face of their God who will judge them. But I know some monotheistics living death as a joyfull meeting, they are not afraid of their God. It depends how one sees God.


me, I'm in for a huge party, good food, good booze, and a heck of a big bonfire, with dancing.


this sounds like what is called wake, which follows the Christian funeral. Except they don't usually dance or gather with a bonfire.


Sounds good !


what are the rituals and traditions practiced during funerals?

A typical Christian funeral usually has a presentation of the person in photos and either has a viewing of the body in a casket or they have a memorial service for the cremated with a fancy urn on display.

I recently have been to two Christian funerals and they were very similar. Meet and greet the family. Sit and listen to fond memories and get a few laughs. Sing (sometimes). Pray.


Are other religions funerals different from this? How? What religion practices it?

Maybe "funeral" is not only what you see but also, more maybe, what is in people's heart.

A funeral, it's not only being front of the defunct's death, but also front our own death.



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