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Hello, everyone! I'd like to share, for curious parties, a site for those who wish, to learn about Anglo-Saxon Heathenry. In particular, from a Reconstructionist perspective. Within, one can find out about the fundamentals of Anglo-Saxon Heathen worldview, practice, and belief. Also, an ezine found on the site is also available, filled with articles, poetry, and even storiee, so that one can see *how* Fyrnsidu is approached by those who practice.

So, if you, or someone you know is interested, by all means please give us a look, or tell a friend!

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I used to take German when I was in high school. Helped me out quite a bit in how Old English nouns worked as well.
I guess, to be fair, I wasn't always like this. However, if you can't facepalm at your former practices, you're probably doing it wrong. lol I'm easy on new folks, it's when someone says something stupid, and then says, "Oh, well I've been at this for five (ten, twenty) years or so...". That's when I get annoyed.
No kidding! The schemes that people cook up... I find it hard to imagine how anyone falls for a lot of New Age stuff. Luckily, I talked to a fellow who told me enlightenment could be mine for five easy payments of $125.99, along with my Social Security Number. I just didn't think it would be that easy...

Thank you so much for this dose of *actual* paganism! <3

I second that!  It's refreshing to see topics like this one, that deal with paganism/history/ancient peoples and their cultures, languages, nomenclature, and so forth.  Cheers, Chad!

I do my best! lol It's my passion.
Not for some time. This was before me, but I believe he was only involved with the language part of the site.
It's alright! :) My phone will not let me do most of the characters.


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