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Is This the Sanest Man Running for President?

Voters will tell you that the reason Johnson got reelected (and might still be in office if there hadn't been term limits) was that he managed to improve the state while slashing the budget. He vetoed 750 spending bills, knew how to strong-arm the Democratic-controlled state house and senate, and reinvented the state agencies. He also signed a bill to let New Mexicans drive seventy-five miles per hour on highways, and another one to let them buy beer on Sundays. ("Why not? That's a stupid rule. People can make their own decisions about what day of the week they want a beer.") And when litter became a problem on the highways, he organized a bike race from one end of the state to the other in which, in his Pearl Izumi spandex, he led a flotilla of New Mexicans to collect the garbage.

Libertarian Party comes of age with Johnson-Gray ticket in 2012

Johnson understands that he is a long shot, so he has embraced what many are calling “The 15 Percent Strategy.” If Johnson can consistently poll at 15 percent or above in reputable national polls leading up to the fall presidential debates, he will earn a spot on stage with Obama and Romney. The last time this happened was 1992, when Texas billionaire H. Ross Perot was polling in the high teens against incumbent president George H.W. Bush and then-Gov. Bill Clinton, his Democratic challenger.
So if you find yourself unsatisfied with the choice between Obama and Romney and you happen to be contacted by a pollster, consider telling the voice on the other end you support Gary Johnson. You may or may not end up voting for him, but you absolutely deserve to hear what he has to say.

A Day with Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

Prior to meeting him in person, I agreed with many, but not all, of Johnson’s political positions. I admire his moral courage in publicly treating Pagans as fellow humans worthy of respect, and I came to like him as a person. He’s funny, sincere, kind, doesn’t try too hard to make you like him, and is intelligent. By the end of the evening, I would choose him to be my friend.

This is what I want in a President: someone I trust to tell me the truth, even when I won’t like it. Someone who does his or her best to act on convictions, rather than serving special interests. Someone who sees people as people: not as black people and as rich people and as gay people and as Muslim people. Someone who has courage to match his intelligence. Someone so ethical and kind that you’re proud of that friendship. That’s the type of person I want for president.

Gary Johnson: More Conservative and More Progressive

Earlier this year, the American Civil Liberties Union awarded Johnson the highest rating in a contest between all the GOP candidates and the President. Johnson's humane immigration policy, his positions against torture, indefinite detention, and illegal surveillance, and his defense of gay marriage and reproductive choice have earned him a much higher score than Obama, who by signing the NDAA has abandoned human rights, heretofore a defining value of the Democratic party.


He has been an outspoken advocate for efficient government, lower taxes, winning the war on drug abuse, protection of civil liberties, revitalization of the economy and promoting entrepreneurship and privatization.
As Governor of New Mexico, Johnson was known for his common-sense business approach to governing. He eliminated New Mexico's budget deficit, cut the rate of growth in state government in half and privatized half of the state prisons.

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Wow, y'all are fools.

When he left office, due to a term limit, your state had A BILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS!!!

How is it y'all don't talk about that.

Gary Johnson is fucking BOSS.

Unfortunately I doubt he'll be able to get much done now in a third party, though I wish him the best of luck. We need more Republicans like him and Ron Paul in office instead of all these Neocon fascists.

Ron Paul sucks. He thinks the government shouldn't provide, like, any services. He'd cut all social programs to the bone. Johnson would just cut needless spending and end corruption to free up money,

He's like the worst parts of Ross Perot and Herman Cain combined.

Also, I hear that he's a racist.

"They should die." No, Mr. Paul, they should not, Doctors SHOULD KNOW THAT. Why would i trust a Doctor who said that the uninsured should die, ESPECIALLY when 1/3 of homeless are veterans. Fuck Ron Paul, he's a stupid fuck.

Also, I hear that he's a racist.

That's what the mainstream media wants people to hear.

This whole "Ron Paul is racist" bullshit has already been debunked many times.

Doesn't matter if he's racist or not.
Which, he probably is, I've heard soundbytes of him and his son, as someone who says nigga/nigger frequently, I can say that those niggas drop the hat R constantly.

The reason he'a a worthless piece of shit:
He's a doctor. When asked: What should be done about the uninsured, if they go to an ER or whatever? His response: "They Deserve to die"
This wasn't a debate over the death penalty or drone attacks.
This is about a poor old woman being denied life saving surgery.

Same reason I wouldn't trust a teacher running for school superintendent who supports a voucher program.

Show me those soundbytes and show me where he said "they deserve to die".

I like Gary Johnson.

I have exactly three living heroes:

Shi Yan Ming



Gary Johnson

It's too bad Shi Yan Ming was born in China, he'd make the most baller president ever, fucking warrior monk.

He also supports Medical Marijuana and legalization.

The main reason we should totally elect him: The mother fucker climbed Mt Everest.

Between that and him competing in the Hawaii Iron Man Triathlon, he would intimidate any other world leader or representative.

Imagine being the head of Iran ("president"orayatollah) and your American counterpart is not only immune to bull shit, has a level head, and a powerful determination: but clearly has no fear.

Speech at Paul Fest.


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