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I was doing a bit of research on the animistic beliefs of the aboriginals of my area. I found this little article and it is quite fascinating:

It got me to thinking, while yes, Cernunnos and Odin and Artemis and Sekhmet are "rock stars" of paganism/polytheism, does anyone honor and commune with the spirits of the land which you actually live?
What tribes inhabited your area (US) and what things in nature did they view as magical or holding power? What tribes do you descend from?
This research has been enlightening and I cant wait to start new relationships with the genius loci of my area.

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My path believes everything in nature has a spirit in it.

But considering where I currently live everything in nature seems to "stick or sting" I find them rather hostile.  

I carry animist beliefs as well, but I never really researched which beings were thought to hold power in my own backyard. Its so cool! I hope to work with these entities soon. The bit about the sacred beliefs of the owl in that article is synchronicity at its finest. There is a Barred owl in my woods that will has been hollering back and forth with me at night. I've been studying plans for building him an owl house...


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