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    I read somewhere about making a "ghost trap " out of dirt and a a few other things. It's supposed to keep ghosts from entering your home? I can't for the life of me remember where I read it.

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   I should have said spirit traps , not the ghostbuster thing.

Problem with spirit traps is that it can't follow your personal morals and stops all spirits including the good ones. Maybe you should check out wards or boundary spells that you can tailor so what you consider good spirits are welcome and those that you see as bad aren't.

There are many forms of Spirit traps. It is certianly possible to tune them to only hold entities of a certain type! It is simply not true that Spirit traps catch all spirits withought distinction!

The simplest form of trap is used every day somewhere in the world by ceremonial Magicians and is in several Grimores! It consists of a circle drawn within an equilateral triangle in such a way that the circle is tangent to the inner faces of the triangle. This figure is made with chalk outside a circle and a spirit is conjured into the circle within the triangle which it then cannot leave! The specific spirit or class of spirit is determined by the sigils or names of power placed within the triangle. The Trap will work without a larger circle or conjuration as the sigils and names of power alone are enough to attract and hold the spirit or catagory of spirits that you wish to trap!

The Question is once you have traped the spirit what are you going to do with it!!!

No sprit can be held by a spirit trap forever! so before traping a spirit it is imperative that you have a plan as to what to do with it!

One good ghost trap is are some old Louisiana oracle bones. Old oracle bones can be hung on the doorway. This does not stop ghosts, actually. It tells ghosts that you are a seer or oracle, which means you can see them. This discourages evil spirits from entering becuase they are mostly powerless if you can see them. They gather power from fear and confusion. If you can see them, they can't scare you.

Check out the group Shadow Hunters and Walkers group here:)

Have you checked out Solomons Magick group here?

I can't find the group, can you send an invite? 

   See... I live near three cemeteries where people are still being buried.It seems from time to time a ghost will show up in my apartment.Which can be unpleasant for my family as well as myself. I want to be able to keep the spirits that I want inside, like our ghost cat, Frankie... and my relatives, and a few nature spirits, but random ghosts whom I don't know is too much.

It seems from what you have said that you need a spirit filter rather than a spirit trap.If you live in a self containedhouse or if you can do it I sugest a circle of brick dust rather than salt as it lasts longer than salt, I also sugest that you checkout Earth Harmony by Nigel penick for the special protective door step chalk protective patterns.

  orieil i joined the groups you mentioned. thanks.

I can't send invite until we are friends-but in the meantime here are the links:

I see you already found the other one:)

Have you tried using just salt? It is also said to use willow or birchwood and put it around your house.And if you have some bad tension in the home-sage often,and use a firm voice and tell them only light and love belong here,leave-you are not welcome:)

Hi...I got your friend request but accidentally pushed the wrong button because I was still half asleep..pls pardomwa...I know a version of this but trapping spirits is dangerous unless you go through a lengthy & intricate ritual to trap & banish them in an area outside of your circle...this needs powerful magick, as they Solomon who used angels & demons as his can also use his Magick to create your own Servitors, therefore turning unwanted pests into needful things...such as you would invite the Fae to live with you...anyway, the spirit trap I know of is a Triangle used with certain Incantata...should you choose...others for the fae as an example is a pretty houseplant with a tiny house for a fae dwelling made of twigs, also may be that spirits are more afraid of you than vice versa so taking a friendly approach may help instead of stirring up a hornets nest of ghouls...anyway...there's quite a choice!


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