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I have been a witch and a pagan. For many years since 1992. After my latest ritual. I seem to have a ghostly visitor.Any suggestions how to remove my guest?

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"Any suggestions how to remove my guest? "

Why would you want to do that?
normally I would not mine.I have a daughter who lives with me who suffers from Anixtey and sezuires.its scaring her. If she has a bad Anixtey attack it can set off her sezuires.
So yeah he or she has to go.if it was just me it would. Okay.
Not sure what steps you have already taken (if any) to get rid of the visitor.

Have to tried the obvious, asking it, smudging, cleansing, banishing, ritual?

To focused on the love spells maybe?

What was your latest ritual? What were you trying to achieve by it? Has it taken effect yet? Was your daughter involved in it?
Full moon esbat and no she was not.
So think back to other occasions when you did this and work out what you did different this time. Did it coincide with an anniversary of some sort (which you overlooked at the time)?

I agree with No Face try the simplest of solutions; ask it to leave if it concerns you. Otherwise figure out what it wants, why it with you and go from there.

Before banishing, you could ask it to not materialize or be present around your daughter.  If it is a benign or helpful spirit, you don't want to banish it - if not, then use the many various techniques already mentioned, or from your own practice.


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