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Last month I ordered some Goddess and God Candle push molds so I could make my own and not have to buy them online or try to find a place to buy them locally and perhaps fail.

The molds arrived today, I have already made a pair of

white Goddess and God candles, a pair of red Goddess and God candles a pair of Green Goddess and God Candles is cooling and I am melting wax for a set of black ones right now while the green ones cool..

The detail on them is easier to see on mine than on store bought ones.  I will post pics of them later.

I plan to make some blue ones after the black and some yellow if I have enough wax but I am not sure if I will have enough or not..

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I look forward to seeing your pictures of them.

Almost forgot about the black ones so I took them out of the molds finally but the head on the male broke when I took it out.

Now I have one white one red and one black female candle around the top of my pentacle altar plate and a green Male candle in front of the bottom of the altar plate.

Miss Karen,

when I first posted the discussion about my Goddess and God candles you asked how long do they burn for?

at the time I had not yet used any.

I just finished doing a healing rite I asked the Goddess of love light and healing to bless the red female candle with her power and lit it.  it was burning quite slow I then called on the God of light love and earth  to bless the male candle with his healing power asking that the candle represent the person to be healed.  when I lit the candle it started to burn exactly like the female then started making a sparkler type sound and the whole

head burned quickly in a diagonal way from top of the head down the back of the head all the way to the back of the neck but in front it was only burned to the nose.

To me this indicated the healing rite I did worked just thought you would like to know

Be interested in seeing them.

Posted the pictures of the figure candles a few minutes after posting the discussion

I have just had a look at the photos you posted. They look quite detailed. How long do they burn for?

I don't know haven't lit any yet, they are beeswax though so they will burn slowly.

Where'd you post the pics?

This afternoon I reformed the white wax that I spilled last night into some new Goddess and God candles, The candles came out with a blend of cilors I could not have done if I wanted to.  I guess I had a drop or two of hunter green and a dab of red in with the white wax in the pot I had used avanilla candle I bought last October to make sure there was enough for both molds. it gave the roots the figures are growing out of have a sort of light brown with a greenish tinge it looked very natural the armsare more greenish bodies are more brownish hair tinge of green and so on the effect is great and it was unintentional. they were supposed to be white


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