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A `new` concept of burial /storage of remains is emerging in the UK, a return to construction of `barrows` for the dead.

One of the latest opens in Shropshire  not far away from me, its certainly spectacular, comparable to many of the ancient barrows of ancient Britain, and may well become an enigma to anyone finding these in ,maybe a thousand years time .

So are we going forwards, or going backwards?

Anyone have any thoughts?

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Yes, thats a thing that I would be most worried about Aurelia, and though it doesnt happen often ( or found to have happened often for the obvious reasons), theres many recent cases of `dead` people waking hours after  medically declared `death` on Morgue slabs.

Barclodiad Y Gawres burial chamber, Anglesey, North wales.

Bryn Celli DDu burial chamber ,Anglesey,North wales.

West Kennet Longbarrow,Wiltshire.


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