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I've been watching Voltaire's "Gothic Homemaking" YouTube show for awhile, and I thought I'd share one of my favorite, recent episodes with y'all.

For those of you who love DIY projects (with a dark aesthetic), you'll get lots of great ideas from this show.

In this episode, Voltaire goes with a friend in the friend's hearse to pick up a custom-made, coffin-shaped armoire at Fed-Ex Freight. Later on in the episode, we get to see Voltaire's DIY coffin-armoire enhancement project. And also a DIY summoning table project. (Makes me hot for hardware stores every time.)

"The beauty of picking up freight from Fed-Ex Freight in a hearse is that everybody thinks you're here to pick up a body." -- Aurelio Voltaire

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Weird Host , lotta fun...

Great show , overall...I *loved* the table , Baphomet and all...;)

( see my avatar )

However , first my dream is a house to fit some of these ,

( old Gothic Victorian , 13 bedrooms ) but I want a round

one , as well...I might have to build it...

But here is a dream interior to one room...

And a bed for another room...

Where are my red velvet curtains ?

How funny...looked at views , right after I posted , just now...


Ohhhhh.....  *stares in wonder at the amazing bedrooms*

In order to have such a massive bed you have to have the massive room and house to put it in.  What does the door they got this bed frame through look like?

Probably like some of the larger of these...

( that is why I said first my dream would be a house to fit the beds , and decor )

The Adams Family the old black/white tv series also has interesting decor ideas.

The old Hollywood mansion interior used for the film noire from 1950, Sunset Boulevard is great to see.

I did not know about that Addams Family/Sunset Boulevard connection!  I adore The Addams Family tv series. Thanks for that bit of information, Beryl! 

To anyone who will be in the New York Metropolitan area/Long Island this weekend, Felix Silla (who played Cousin Itt on The Addams Family) will be a guest at L.I. Geek Con (April 22nd & 23rd, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Hauppauge, Long Island, NY).

Is 2 separate things but maybe is the same decorator style ...mention was made of Hans Dreier doing the decor for Sunset Boulevard 1950  it could be that  Adams Family set as there are similar is sort of same style sort also his but I am not sure.........

Re-reading my post and added this... I look often at old historical homes online

My humble 36 x 12 ft. space , with loft  , is filled with items

secured and obtained from thrift stores , garage sales , give

aways , etc...

For instance , I have a two foot across , three legged iron cauldron

sitting in the corner , filled with old furs , and arranged with large pairs

of antlers framing the inside top , in a horned curvature pattern...

Crossing horizontally , and cradled in the antlers , is a longhorn , from

a steer , given to me years ago by a friend , about two feet long , with

one of those large , fake ravens sitting on the front of that raven ,

sitting on the furs , is a deer skull , with antlers , framing the raven...

Sitting on the lip , in front of that , is a cloth "hag doll" , with hat , cloak ,

and broom...on floor , in front of that , is a small piece of sheepskin , with

about a foot high cast iron horned owl , made with the body hollow , and

like an ornate gothic chain link pattern , so a candle could be placed within ,

and cast that pattern around the room...

I got the cauldron from my former landlady , who was an antique dealer...

She would not sell me the spinning wheel , that came with it , through

a family line of witches from the 1700's , in New England...but I did get

the cauldron...;)

My whole space is filled with sheepskins , old rugs , wood floors , theatre

curtains , candle holders , ( some three feet tall ) , chaise lounge , jungle prints ,

jars of peacock feathers , mirrors , dead flower wreaths , statuary , ( Faery ,

Egyptian , Goddess , etc...) , hanging batiks , altars , swords , magical and

ritual tools , masks , fans , old wooden boxes and chests , ethnic baskets ,

erotic , goddess , surrealistic , and spiritual art , some with antique framing ,

pillows covered with ethnic fabric , or jungle prints , coverlets the same , and

of course , a red velvet bedspread...

Then there are the little things , like a wall with whips , ropes , chains , shackles ,

blindfolds , and handcuffs...the normal , everyday goth accents...a hanging three

dragon goth candleholder , suspended by chains in the bathroom , a six sided glass

and old metal Faery lantern , suspended by chain , in the living room...

Black metal , and old muslin koji screens , as dividers...

And many other objects de arte , scattered throughout...

And , I would venture to say half came from the venues stated above...

I got a 30 inch circular mirror at a yard sale for $5.00 , backed by oak...

And , of course , medicine pieces , and other things I have made , over

the years...carved antler , bone , wood...

Right now , I am having some old tri - fold hinged picture frames painted

black by a friend , that when fit together , make the wooden frame of a

temple , with a open peak roof...

I shall find the right wood for the roof , and floor , paint them , create

a temple floor extending outward , in front of that , and create a small

carved deerbone shinto style gate , in front...

Then , with the sides of the temple open , I shall place a small wood block

standing altar , topped with a mini greek style copper bowl , I found years

ago , at a thrift store...other items shall be added to complete the magical

look and feel of the temple...

Here is one of my pieces from 25 years ago...hangs above the cauldron , on wall...

All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears and mind open ,

have some imagination , and apply oneself...;)...and you can

have a most magical space...even one as small as mine...;)

Different people have different tastes.  Some people don't like rooms that are filled with things.  To them, it feels closed in and impossible to keep the dust out of.

And everyone has different living conditions.

To people with children or cats or dogs, lovely netting or curtains around a bed is a bad idea.  Likewise real candles or oil lamps.  I switched to battery operated or solar operated candles a few years back.

I had a lovely sheepskin rug.  My cats pissed on it. *sigh*

Absolutely , Aurelia...

We are all different , yet with one's imagination ,

a small bit of "extra" money , and creative energy ,

we can all build what we want as a house / temple

or magical space...

You know , when I was young , we did not touch

***anything*** we were not given permission to...

Things have changed over the years...

And , I taught my animal companions , ( gently , but

*very* firmly ) what was okay to touch , lay on , etc...

And they only got one chance regarding bodily functions

before they were never allowed in again...period...;)

( sorry about your oil , diluted , helps with that )

I am glad we are all different...that is why many say my place

is like a museum...a very small one , that gathers dust and many

cobwebs , like any "proper" witch or wizards space...LOL !

( for me , complex mind , complex living space , no drama )


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