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Earlier this evening I was on my cell phone talking to a friend I met back in 2012 on paganspace, I went oyt back because Haley and Alex had come out on the front porch and I couldn't hear over Alex trying to yell into my phone. while I was back there I heard the Owls start up just like every night but this time I saw two huge birds circling behind part of a tree then I saw one land and I was in shock it was a huge great horned owl standing there looking straight at me.

I always associated my Mother with the Great Horned Owl because she always had this one photo of one on the wall it was a photo of a great horned owl sitting in a hollow of a tree trunk it was laminated or something about the size of a medium poster. Nothing beats seeing thevreal thing though, not even the statue I found in Mom's collection when I moved into her house that I put on top of the box containing her ashes as a tombstone fir her on my bedroom altar.

when I told my friend what I saw she said it was a good omen.
I hope she was right

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There is a vast amount of various Energies, and Spiritual dialogue associated with the 'Owl' - seems you had a great experience - especially with the forthcoming Moon and Cosmic activities...

The owl is a good omen to many, but to some folks it is an omen that someone in your house will die soon. Who really knows?

Here is a picture of my real human skull sporting owl wings.

Skull Owl


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