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I'm unsure how to formally introduce myself, but I am very new to Wiccan and I was hoping to meet others here to further my journey. I am young and hope that I could obtain a pen pal of sorts to discuss findings, learn with me or guide me. It's informal to begin an introduction without supplying a name, I am Lua. It is nice to meet whoever is reading this. Blessed be.

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Welcome to Pagan Space. Check out the groups I am sure you will find a lot of information that will help you on your journey.

Greetings Lua, Lady of the Waters

Hello and welcome!

First , welcome , Lua...

Secondly...I have to ask , seeing it in your profile...

*What* is angelic Wicca ?

That would seem to be a form of Christian , or Ceremonial magic...

I have never heard of angelic Wicca...

Just asking...:)

I think it's far-west Christo-pagan, similar to some Italian systems. I could be wrong though.

Welcome! btw


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