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Found myself here after a long and beautiful spiritual path. My goal is to learn and be open to others who have found their way here. 

We are all teachers and student alike. So I am very excited. 

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Greetings Wren! Welcome!

Welcome to PS Wren.

Welcome, Wren! 

Welcome Wren :) I like your goal and you are right: we all are students and teachers. I noticed on your profile you have meditation listed. One of my strengths is meditation. Do you have a favorite?

Working on sitting in silence for ten minutes twice a day. My goal is to work on quieting my mind. Still working on it. although I have found a great app. called Calm. It helped me get started. Thanks for asking. What has worked for you?

Quieting your mind is the first step to meditation (besides a comfortable spot of course). I used to have a problem with thoughts running in my head when I was trying to relax. What worked for me was taking three deep breaths. The first deep breath in-hold for about 5 seconds, and slowly release through your lips. Then repeat 2 more times like that. This helps to quiet your conscious mind and bring you to an altered state of consciousness. I've found it also helps me get to sleep faster too when my mind won't shut off from the days events. Good luck!


"We are all teachers and student alike."

That is the truth. Greetings


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