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I increased font size for those such as myself - old ( ER, not dead ;-) )  LOL. I also use The Queens and American English is enjoyable, confusing, and just to be somewhat Ornery too......alongside those 2...I rather have a very strange sense of humor, and at no time does any of that mean I am trying to be any sort of a S/A (smart arsed fool).....unless an Enemy LOL


I fully consider myself as One of the Duality's Managers....along the sides of Many other........(me thinking aloud).....Oddities of Human Righthoods? LOL


I do not fear, nor FEAR, any Path, nor any KNOWLEDGE.......though it be True that to Gain Knowledge, is sadly to Immerse ones Self into Pain.


I am not Solely (Though Spiritually close to Yes) a simple Protector... ....Warrior... ....Walker.. ..Seeker. ...Seer to certain aspects........I, too, like thee are as well........human, with human qualities and traits.


I KNOW how and why and when to Hold RESPECT for others, including any gods and goddesses, not just humans and life as we know it here.


I am sadly Solitaire, for none may walk with me unto the sea to which I travel forward toward my next Walk, and few seem to understand it at all.


For now, that is a portion of me.



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Welcome to the club. Nice to have you here. You have made some interesting posts already.

Thank you Enigma..........All I wanted was to Finally Fit in........I ......I replied to several posts or comments. I think I only posted a poem or something into...a blog? LOL But, I hope I not come off as ..............arrogant? I just Listen to them, or try to....Listen to my Self.....and Listen to They who I Know Guides me, and know they are only trying to teach me and Help Me to develop my Self...........Been on this Walk since a baby........but not by mother/ Family is childhood seemed I is no Sure Day as last night was. I only meant to say Thank you 

Welcome Ronald. I like the first picture with your mom. 

Thank you, Consuelo. I think possibly that your Energy here is somewhat new? I say that because I was Blessed to be able to read some of your works and thoughts as I perused the highways and byways of a rather interesting group of thoughts from many others too. It seems a lot of the Energy here is Crisp from so many past and the few present writers. ........bad day of rambling........Thank you again

I think you’re cool Ronald.

I was one of the first original members in Pagan Space, from the past.  I’ve decided to come back because of an odd experience recently happened. I know people are upset with me for the fact “I Decided To Leave” but that is my choice. They see me , read stuff I put , talking all their crap about me at the other sites, like Wicca. Especially that diabetic btch who loves sneaking around trying to see if I notice her lol, So pathetic. But I’m here enjoying myself, without them


Oh.........rambling got in my way. SHE is my Reason for my FREEDOM to not ever Hide, though I have had to also to Protect a Great Family who does not Know their Historic Gifts LOL.......she has always been STRONG, yet like many single mothers of divorce from the early 60s to late 60s, she holds a silence as well that Speaks a lot of pain and sadness she herself will not allow Still, it too Speaks to so many in her daily life here, and every bloody one of them Loves and Respects her! LOL) I Feel it for her to what she can Spiritually allow.......and all you said was you liked it LOL And yet you got a speech..................................Thank you again Consuelo

Hi Ronald, I hope you enjoy your time on this site.

I like the monochrome photo the best. It has a "Wild West" look about it, though I suspect it was taken in the 1970s.

Thank you, sadly he is me from maybe 5 to 7 years ago.....I enjoy messing with anything digital or computers......and when lucky it does not go boom. I think the work on that one and my display photo were done the same bored night, on one free website, plus photo editing using weak system and weaker editors on this LOL Enjoy. I know I get a Solid Feeling here.....One I have long searched for


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