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Blackened Death metal pagan solo project HAIDUK returns with a crushing new release!


Taking place in the fantasy world setting of Callost and relating to the nine demons who dwell within the volcanic fortress of Octavia. CD features maps, short stories, and art from the world of Callost. Released on 9/9/2015.


metal crypt         [4/5]

metal-rules         [4/5]

brutalism            [5/5]

canadian beats    [5/5]

bravewords         [8/10]

blackened death  [8/10]

metal trenches    [9/10]

pest webzine       [8.5/10]


HAIDUK Offers Two Free Tracks From “[b]Demonicon[/b]”




Album Available At:





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I fucking love metal! Welcome to pagan space


Nice to hear there's metal fans here!

Thanks for the welcome!



‘DemonicoN’ copies (CD) still available.


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