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I have mentioned in the past that I like to explore other religions. My friends are aware of this, and one in particular is always sure to pass along new potential paths to explore. Today she told me that she had met a man who claimed to be a "Grey Wiccan." I believe she said he spelled grey with an a though (g-r-a-y).

I did a quick google search, but so far I'm not finding anything. I've tried both spellings of grey too.

So anyway, I thought I would ask here as well and see what I couldn't turn up. Anyone here heard of a Grey Wiccan or Witch before? Is it possible he just uses the term to be more specific when talking in terms of black and white witchcraft? Or is there something more to this?

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very helpful yes, thank you PamWiccan ^-^

can i ask how you found it or where? i'd really like to get as much info on this as possible, esp since i'm thinking i'll exchange emails with this guy for a while.
NEVER heard of it............
interresting. i wonder if there is a connection.
is there a such thing as a "sherbert" witch? if so i want to be rainbow!
Grey is the old English spelling still used in England...the idea of black and white witchcraft is a modern concept as most witches in the past were actually members of Christian churchs......
Where? Who? In the UK? Scotland? Ireland ? Where were the witches members of christian churchs? NONE of my Scottish relatives that are or were witches were members of A Christian church......Now MOM was a good Presbyterian,but also believed in the fey...some were Christian,but most followed the path of Scottish witchery and ignored the church,NOW Gran,was a seer and An Irish Celtic pherhaps some were,but most?
Could be........


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