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Something different this year for Saint Patrick's Day.  I created the effigy from Paper Mache, people will attach their grievances during March.  Later, during an April Moon - St. Patrick will be burned ceremoniously in the fire!

Article write up here:

Figured I'd share it here for anyone that was interested in creating community events.  STEAL > DIY > ENJOY!

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 I'm always here, lurking, watching...

Thanks Neph,

I let people describe the vibe as they see fit.  Most find it a quasi-Morocco/Rome feel. I'm cool with that. 

You can always take a gander by visiting my flickr page here:  City of Sin

People often do like an art book.  Can't say it interests me, but not sure if there's a lot of interest out there either. 

My biggest grievance today is that people do not do what they say they are going to do. Please write it for me and pin it on Saint Patrick. Maybe the fire that consumes it will consume those who have lied to me.

Ha, I can certainly do that!

My grievance for SIN to write on St. Paddy is: DONALD TRUMP-actually use the senate and congress to downsize and level out the old IRS system and what citizens have to pay, NO MORE RENDER UNTO TO CAESAR bliblical justifications!

Very amusing effigy, a real tolerance Catholic icon for satire. Use it in a witchcraft ritual to give it some etheric life to petition wishes before consigned to flames.

Are you familiar with the Legend of St. Patrick?  He's technically not a Christian Saint, he's more a folk symbol.  If we're to believe he was a real person, then he would have more likely practiced a form of Celtic religion.  To this day, he was never canonized by Rome because he fails to meet the criteria. 

So we can't really call him a Catholic Icon, he's a people's icon. 

Trump and Ryan who have taken away my peace of mind. 

Is there a limit to the number of grievances allowed per person?

Nope, you can make a list.


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