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Ok so let me go into detail first.
So I have not developed my third eye yet. I have a ritual that I need to do as soon as possible. I heard that halucingines can help bring on communication with spirits. I've been doing a ton of research. So this I'm serious on my decision this isn't for fun.
What are some legal hallucinogens would you suggest? Would peyote be an option?

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I wouldn’t recommend it, just my opinion.

Cannabis is legal in many states and edibles are hallucinogenic in the correct dose. Strains do make a difference. Be sure to use sativa because usually a high dose of indica will put you to sleep. At the Shamanic Arts Center in Colorado we do have a shaman who conducts cannabis ceremonies. The schedule isn't set yet, but we may have a cannabis ceremony at Shamans Camp this summer. See more at Warmly, Julia

You mention having a ritual, that you need to do as soon as possible. Is it mandatory to take drugs for the above ritualistic purpose? Is meditation not an alternative way forward? 

I am assuming that you are a big girl and know exactly what you are doing, a cannabis high might suffice. I prefer indica to sativa, a personal preference with my THC. In my youth, I would wander around Amsterdam on mushrooms, having mind bending experiences.

What ever you decide, stay safe.

I would also not recommend the use of drugs in ritual.

That which you cannot find within, you will never find without.

Shrooms are legal in Colorado. I don't care about legality, myself.

Drugs are a useful tool for bridging a gap. Once you've reached a mental state you can usually achieve it again without such aids. I recommend simply utilizing such substances in a controlled and relaxed, non ritual environment before utilizing them for complex magicks

I would question whether what I was “seeing” was dievto the drug or the third eye.  You’ll have to decide for yourself whether to use any form of “drug” huti. Wouldn’t want to do that if it were me.  

Mugwort is a legal drig that is said to enjance ijtuitioj and heal with dreams and recall.  Some smoke it just like cannabis and many drink a tea of it.


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