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I just wanted to wish all the dads of PaganSpace a very Happy Father's Day! I hope you all enjoy your day with your family!

Big Hugs!


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YIPPEE!! and from me too! ENJOY and Thank you all for doing what you do!!

Thanks for the good wishes Starr :) And for all fellow Dads, have a good one. Blessed Be

To all the Dads.....Happy Father's Day!

Thank you Skye

I'm resurrecting this old post of Starr's because I don't remember seeing any other Fathers' Day cheers here in the past three years. 


It seems that Mothers' Day gets all the recognition.  What's that about?


So, to balance things out a bit:  Happy Fathers' Day to all you daddydudes out there! :)

Now , just for equality's sake...

If someone was gay yet had or adopted a child ,

would that make the a possible daddy dudette ?

Do Wa Daddy Do !

( yeah I know it's diddy )

But for those fathers :

In the religion of Dudeism (inspired by The Big Lebowski), "dude" is a gender-neutral word.  I'm a dude, you're a dude, everyone's a dude, dude.


Google Dudeism, dude.  :)

Dude equals tribe in gematria...

But , I have always hated being called dude , by anybody...

And I live in the state where it started...;)...

But for those who appreciate it...Happy Father's Day , Dude !

( or dudette if you prefer )

My dad is 83 so I feel especially blessed to have him around still ....


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