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Hello all been awhile since I last posted but i was wondering how everyone is celebrating the holiday or if they are even celebrating it.

Personally im getting back in touch with what motivates me and strengthening my resolve.

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We have "Rememberence Day" on the 11th November here. It marks the exact moment the Great War ended. 1 minutes silence is held in cities, towns and villages at 11.00 to remember those who died in 2 world wars and the conflicts since then.
Tomorrow a member of our royal family will lay a wreath of poppies at the cenotaph in London. Local officials will do the same in other towns.
Today I helped a friend sort through the junk in his loft to unearth a momento of the Great War.
Tomorrow I will watch the march past the cenotaph on the tv.

Wow that sounds lovely Cheers to our oldest and most stalwart allies from here in the United States!

I bought my [vet] friend cookies at work.

i cant celebrate it-all my uncles were veterans in WWII fighting for our freedom and its not looking good at all these days when a political party chooses when the first amendment is appropriate or not at their opinion or whim. i believe we are headed for a dictatorship no less nefarious as hitlers was-only now they are using legislation instead of rounding us up. 


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