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Just something funny I noticed last week when my seven year old niece was watching a HP marathon.

I realized over the seven years Harry attended Hogwarts, we only seen him take ONE bath.

As for the others...none, lol. Just thought it'd be humorous to point out Hogwarts had terrible hygiene standards :) 

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Met a few Pagans over the years that obviously follow Harrys philosophy.


I thought it was hippies that avoided washing, therefore Harry Potter is a closet hippy.

How many baths has anyone seen you take?

Cmon, Harry runs a clean machine!

Bath time selfies

Most definitely don't recall seeing any bath time like THAT in the HP series :)

Maybe from a new film?

Harry Potter the Voyeur years?

Not an avid follower, I only have a couple of the original movies. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes.

Voyeurism, I wouldn't put it past him, Harry's not what I would call a choir boy, even though he looks like one.

What does it bring to the story for us to be told each time he takes a shower?


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