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Is  it  only  my  perception  that  in  a  lot  of  cases,  these  friendly/unfriendly  spirits/beings,  do  for  most  of  the  time  "live"/"exist"  inside  the  very  framework  of  Stone?  Certainly  there  is  a  good  chance  the  Stones  at  Stonehenge  were  "inhabited"?  Houses  built  from  brick  and  mortar  dont  have  the  same  composition/molecular-structure  as  stone.  So,  they  have "visitors"  close-by  whom  exit/enter via  portals  into  a  variety  of  dimensions.  A  Castle  like  a  Church  has  cold  stone  walls,  thick  available-housing  for  the  haunting-spectre!  Borley-rectory  which  had  numerous  hauntings  unfortunately  burnt  down  but  parts  of  its  construction  concealed  many  "habitable-places"  for  ghosts/spectres  to  roam  free.  I  cannot  imagine  what  awaits  in  Vlad-Tepes  castle!  Elizabeth-Bathory  too,  those  infamous  names  hold  many  spectres  within  their  castle  walls.  Why  should these  spirits/demons  leave,  they  have  more  right  to  be  there  than  you  or  I.  trouble  is  "their  nasty  cravings  for  damnation",  to  seek  out  blood,  to  harm  in  any  way,  never  knows  no  bounds.  As  long  as the  Walls  exist  they  will  stay!  An  Exorcism  is  only  good  for  ONE  removal,  and  such  is  not  guaranteed!  The  priest  with  his  Prayers  is  really  using  "vibration"  to  penetrate  the  unseen  workings of  a  haunted  establishment.  The  special-words  speech  merely  "moving  the  demon/poltergeist (an  entity),  from  one  part  of  the  property  to  another.  What  we  are  talking  about  here  IS  NOT  human-possesion  but  Property-posession.  A  human  posessed  may  very  well  die,  But  a  structure  with  walls/stone  or  mortar  nope!  This  is  a  topic  for  discussion  not  a  positive  conclusion  or  treatise  written  in  stone.  however,  Gravestones  too  may  well  conceal  a  unwelcome  spectre,  The  Great  pyramid  and  Lesser  Pyramids  Too  may  be  harbouring  unseen  forces!  The  Infinite  particles/atoms  and  molecules  which  inhabit  our  world  ARE  alive,  which  is  instrumental  in  many  Magical-achievments  through  cause  and  Affect.  The  Sword  cutting-through-air  perhaps  cutting  a  Pentagram.  The  dagger.  Why  even  Excalibur  takes  energy  from  mother-earth,  he  whom  wields  excalibur  is  truly  Invincible  as  He  or  She  holding  this  alien-vessel  is  an  Instrument  of  CONDUCTIVITY,  between  the  Sword  and  Mother  earth,  her  energys  infinite.  The  molecules  of  this  Alien-sword  slicing  through  steel  like  a  knife  cutting  butter!  Tis  a  wise  Sage/Magi  whom  spends  more  time  "in  other  worlds"  than  pretending  to  live  in  a  manufactured  illusion!  So  "What  are  your  views  my  learned  friends?" Speak  and  be  knowledgable.  richard

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I think it depends. Spirits can be attached to a place, reside in stone walls but they could also be attached to a specific location. There might have been a building built on that location so that place can become haunted but the place remains haunted even if the building has long been demolished whereas in the first situation the spirits leave when the building or graveyard is demolished.

I personally think that it is locations that are haunted or become haunted and that there sometimes are buildings built on top of that. Think for example about an ancient graveyard, the house that has been built on top of it much later sometimes become haunted.

But there are also cases in which a spirit is attached to a specific building, stone gravestone or anything like that. hm i'm confused..  I guess both are possible.

That brick theory is why Alton, IL is considered one of the most haunted small towns in the world. During the Civil War, hundreds of soldiers died in the prison located in the center of town. When the war was over, the prison was taken apart and the bricks used to build the other buildings in the town. All the buildings have had at least one sighting of a soldier. 

Nope, other people have the same perceptions as you do. Although I wouldn't go so far as to call it common I would say it isn't particularly rare to think these thoughts.

Personally I think when a person dies suddenly or violently they either do not want to accept that they are dead or do not realize it. so they stay and haunt the place. sometimes they dont know what to do so they stay. then so.eone comes along and they think that person can help them so they follow them trying to communicate with them for help. just food for thought.
Well the wat i see it... ive lived in many a haunted appartment and i should mention that my present house is aldo subject to those frequent disturbances of the underworld. i agree with rhonda about the theorg of when a person dies suddently or violently, or even a suicidal that has unfinished business.
The rock theory also makes sense ut i would go as far as saying that they are More prone to hauntings.
Ive seen quite a few places where tragedy had hapenned being haunted 60 70 years later.
Just my thoughts and opinion :-P


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