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Have Society become too Politically Correct? Are we afraid of telling the truth even if it bothers someone else?

In regards to PC speech, I would like to know has to gotten to the point of where we are too PC in our behaviour and speech? By not being PC, many people are fired or imprisoned (in some countries) for their beliefs. The only thing that I draw the line at is making fun of legitimately disabled or mentally challenged people. That is wrong!

I feel that by being too PC that we are hurting ourselves and our future generation.

We must be able to tell our truth without fear of punishment. 

What do you think? 

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I agree that we must be able to tell the truth as we see it.  We must also be tough enough to be able to hear that others completely and utterly disagree with out positions. It is that second part that many people today are simply too thin skinned about that they cannot seem to be able to deal with.

There is an old saying: "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen."  If you cannot stand criticism of your idea, belief, or position, then you have no business arguing it.  With regard to the fact that some people will not argue with you, but instead will attempt to physically attack you for holding a particular idea, well I am sure I don't have to point out that happens all the time.

It would appear that the entire PC movement may have been originally motivated as an attempt to mitigate these issues, but has instead become an impediment to the actual discussion of ideas in vigorous debate.

What is actually needed is a level of conscious effort and personal stability, that is, a cogent set of beliefs, and the maturity to stand on those concepts and argue them intelligently, but it would appear that sort of thing is something not common in our day.  This is unfortunate.

Generally, when people are politically correct they're simply trying to be polite; when people are being politically incorrect they're either trying to be funny, or they're rudely displaying their ignorance and bigotry. Of course, this is all in the eye of the beholder since when I say "Happy Holidays", I'm actually, purposely, being rude and annoying to my neighbors, because their politics says its rude not to mention Christmas.

I've been told that Americans are rude and bigoted even, or especially, when we're trying to be politically correct. I find this easy to believe. Maybe we should just try to be informed and polite.

I was taught something when I was young that I have always

tried to hold in my mind and heart , and put in daily practice...

I may not always be successful , yet I try...

"It is not just the message it is the delivery"

To put it on the other person to be thick enough skinned

to endure a rude and nasty delivery , I find to be asking

far too much , and as we all have our days when our psychic

defenses are weaker , or our mental and / or emotional stability

is not as strong as other times , we must have a certain amount

of compassion at the forefront of our consciousness , as we attempt

to communicate our message...

We all want the same from others , when we are in that state...

Further , due to environmental factors , including parenting , or lack

of in our formational years , and / or nurturing , or lack of , we develop

methods of communication ( or lack of ) which differ in our ways of our

expression ( or lack of ) , and conveyance of our feelings ( or lack of )...

To expect anyone to be on the same wavelength we are , just because

we feel the need to convey a message , and that message in our certain

way determined by our temporal mental , and emotional state , I believe ,

and after 63 years can most definitely speak with some experience , is

asking too much...adaptability in our approach to conveyance of message ,

and , by the same token , different side , the ability to hear the need for said

message to be conveyed must also be considered...

Then there is content of message , and trigger points in psyche , created by

past experiences , or the way we were raised , which some are more fragile

and sensitive to , the intensity of delivery , which again some people can not

deal with yelling , or even anger during delivery , yet if a message is delivered

in a calm and fair way , where there is no blame being imposed , and an equality

of acceptance of another as a human being , without sarcasm under the surface ,

they are open , if not very interested in hearing the other person and their feelings...

Lastly , there is to be considered the amount of information one's mental , psychic ,

or even physical comfortability factor will allow them to take in the moment...

Sometimes just because someone has a lot to say , does not mean that other person

can take in that amount of input , without a system crash...and a "lot to say" is always

relative to each unique being...

So this is not an easy answer in any communication between beings , let alone subjects

which are *charged*...and I use that word in it's fullest term , and implied meaning...

If two people ( or more ) interact , even if they disagree , without charge to the situation ,

there can be then , a positive exchange possible...yet add expressions and thought which

are purposefully said to inflame a situation , you will set the stage for friction , spark , fire ,

flame and possible inferno...

Responsibility on all sides is paramount...and the more people added to the equation , the

more one must consider all possibilities mentioned above , at the very least...

To close...communication is only possible between equals...considering someone less than

another , will never lead to proper communication , and conveyance of message and it's

being heard , if that is the place any conversation starts from...

A most difficult , yet necessary task...yet that interaction , I believe , is part of what we

are here for...verbal intercourse leading to fruitful thoughts , feeding our minds...;)

I actually agree with your assessment Shawn, my main beef is with those who need to have a "safe space" where they can go to cry and suck on a pacifier whilst they have their diapers changed because they just "can't take anyone criticizing their fantasy world." 

I have no problem with polite conversation, that is an essential cornerstone of constructive debate. But unfortunately we have reports from some campuses of higher education (so-called) that are turning this on its head until you get the sort of thing where anyone voicing an opinion or argument opposed to the consensus is labeled as bringer of "hate speech".

Yes it is a difficult task to communicate while trying to make sure you are not purposely being offensive, in fact the best debaters are those that have an opponent come to their side not by being convinced but by arriving at the same conclusions on their own.

But in an environment were you cannot even bring up your viewpoint for fear of being labeled as a hate monger (or worse) is an environment where debate, and therefore communication is no longer possible.

You might research PTSD, which is more common that you might think. For the suffers, finding a safe space is not sucking on a pacifier, but can literally be life and death. Soldiers are not the only ones that come down with this condition, and the crudeness of our society tends produce an environment that propagates it. Not every conversation should be a debate.

I wasn't talking about that (PTSD) I am quite familiar with it actually.

I was talking about people who need to "grow a pair" as it were - because they haven't ever come out of their carefully constructed (possibly for them, I get that) wombs of protection.

I am talking about those who confuse "different ideas" from the ones they accept, as personal attacks or potential attacks on them, when no such thing is happening.

Honestly I don't understand why some people feel the need to push their disagreement with someone else's life onto that person or even other people. If you feel like being trans or queer or different is wrong, then whatever don't be trans or queer or what-have-you. You don't have to be an obnoxious jerk and say "if you're a man you're a man, no changing that". That's your belief and if you had any kind of class you'd keep it to yourself, because no one is going to say "oh, you know what? you're right. I'll stop being trans."

It's not coddling someone to have a filter, it's not being a prick, since your opinions of someone else's life isn't going to do anything to that person other than maybe make them feel like shit. 

I do consider some people like that , with intent to

harm and disrupt another's life to be a lower life form

than the organisms found within elephant feces and

goat urine , Tigerlily...

That is when it is hard for me to meet them on equal

ground ,;)

( And honestly , I see and place Trump within that category )


But unfortunately much of what is now considered "hate speech" has nothing to do with the sort of examples you are giving here.

An example of what I mean: "Someone declares that they think small-scale capitalism is a good thing, because it allows people to improve themselves by their own hard work." - This has been defined as hate speech, mainly because the word "capitalism" was used.  Regardless of someones viewpoint on capitalism, one ought to be able to discuss the concept, as well as socialism, fascism, quantum mechanics, inter-personal development, and the infinity of other concepts one could potentially discuss.

Without it being labeled as hate speech because some mental midget dislikes the ideas being discussed.  

PC is just people trying to be polite.

Sadly, some people don't think they NEED to be polite to others and if others are "too sensitive" or "need a pacifier" or "safe place", then too bad for them.

It's really sad how compassion for our fellow humans has fallen by the wayside.

There is a big difference between "politeness" and "repressiveness" - unfortunately today too many are unable or unwilling to make that distinction.

I get PTSD (as I mentioned in a previous post) - I have family members who were in one or more of the endless wars the USA likes to keep itself occupied with.

I am not talking about that.

What I am talking about is that more and more today, if you broach a subject that might "stretch" or even put a small view-port in the side of somebodies "reality bubble" so they can see something they never saw before, you can get yourself into hot water very fast (See just about anything by Robert Anton Wilson on this subject).

On many of today's campuses, it is "verboten!" to speak of various topics, or at least to express an opinion different from the consensus. That is what I am talking about.  That is the nonsense that need stop.

What I am talking about is that more and more today, if you broach a subject that might "stretch" or even put a small view-port in the side of somebodies "reality bubble" so they can see something they never saw before, you can get yourself into hot water very fast (See just about anything by Robert Anton Wilson on this subject).

This has always been the case.  A saying that goes back decades and probably more is

"Three things never to discuss in polite company:  religion, politics and sports"

Why do you think that's a pre-internet / social media saying?

Because people would get hot about those topics even back when.  Now, social media just accelerates and broadens publicity of what you say to the entire world.   Yeah, you will get in trouble with some folks if they don't agree with you.  There is free speech in this country.  Not freedom from repercussion of your free speech.


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