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Have Society become too Politically Correct? Are we afraid of telling the truth even if it bothers someone else?

In regards to PC speech, I would like to know has to gotten to the point of where we are too PC in our behaviour and speech? By not being PC, many people are fired or imprisoned (in some countries) for their beliefs. The only thing that I draw the line at is making fun of legitimately disabled or mentally challenged people. That is wrong!

I feel that by being too PC that we are hurting ourselves and our future generation.

We must be able to tell our truth without fear of punishment. 

What do you think? 

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I've heard that in Germany (and some other EU countries) it's forbidden to talk of X-Mas and ring the X-Mas bells because it might offend Muslims. 

I really doubt that is true.  The only thing I've heard remotely related is people reconsidering church bells ringing to forestall the Muslims building a lovely huge minaret for the Call to Prayer.  Either all religions can blast the neighborhood with religious reminders or none of them can being the situation.

Also heard that parents are no-longer allowed to be called 'mom' and 'dad' because it might offend same-sex couples. If it's true, then it's total bullshit

That's right wing fantasy bullshit.  Nothing based in reality.

well then, lets ring some bells and call to prayer, and see what they think bells

When you build civilization on a foundation of lies, violence to enforce the lies must become the norm.

What are you not able to say that you feel you can't because of "PC" culture? You're describing that you yourself have a limit. So, how is your limit more worthy than others? I don't really see how being polite is such a bad thing. This doesn't apply to all, but in every case I have seen where people complain about "PC culture", stems from others not wanting to hear things that they find offensive. I don't see why that is such a big deal. We have freedom of speech to say what we want. However, that doesn't mean folks aren't allowed to oppose what you say.

Political correctness is just being polite. Now that is a politically correct definition if i ever heard one! There's nothing wrong with being polite and one can be polite without having to be politically correct. Personally I am much happier around polite people. But I think it is also important for people to be able to form and express their own opinions. Even more important that others not restrict them from doing so. Which is certainly happening with the government and its ever increasing hate crimes. Have to shake my head at the irony of the people who destroyed Libya for no good reason, and tried to destroy Syria, can put themselves in charge of determining "hate". Killing people and supporting wars is hate because other people get killed and have their lives destroyed. That's a bit more dire than someone having their feelings hurt.

PC is not about being polite. It is about forcing all members of society to conform to some kind of group think. I would have thought that there would be enough spiritual non-conformists here to recognize that.

I agree with the assessment that PCness is just being polite. But context is super fucking important and people forget this when they try to control others with it. Politeness has a place, but so does rudeness and it does not mean someone is a racist, homophobe, or so forth. You just cannot be polite all the time.

It's a way of silencing people.  If you criticize Israel you're labeled an anti-Semite, question anything about the gay community and you're homophobic, pick on blacks and you're a racist.  This is why PC is ideal for governments as it gives them an excuse to limit free speech.  The greater benefit to our ruling elite is that it's a wonderful distraction.  Get the 99% to fight over cultural issues while the parasitic 1% continues to rob them blind.

I think you're being kind believing it is about politeness.  Just look at the reaction by those who support PC. They instantly whip out the name calling when they are offended: "anti-Semite" "homophobe" "racist".  I don't see how you can call people who show such hated for others with different opinions polite.  There's nothing polite about PC at all!

We would not need political correctness if

some people were not such rude , gott - damn ,

fochin' idjuts spewing verbal feces around like

a top on meth , like they were born in some

bottomless pit of a toxic trailer park , braying

like asses , and claiming to be the prime of their

heritage of mixed beast , and a god who never

did it better , and being holeophobes , while

sporting a woody for a knothole...

If they were only polite on their own...;)

But that is just a temporal !

I think it is about politeness. I am well aware of people abusing it, and this was part of my post because the people who use it to silence others tend to disregard context altogether to make themselves look better. I am tired of it being using to control people. PC is not ideal for every situation and it's not relevant either.

It's a way of silencing people.  If you criticize Israel you're labeled an anti-Semite, question anything about the gay community

But very few people do this.  Lots of people criticize Israel.  SOME people do dismiss them as anti-Semites and some actually are, but they do get a say.

I'm not sure what people can criticize the gay community about.


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