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Have Society become too Politically Correct? Are we afraid of telling the truth even if it bothers someone else?

In regards to PC speech, I would like to know has to gotten to the point of where we are too PC in our behaviour and speech? By not being PC, many people are fired or imprisoned (in some countries) for their beliefs. The only thing that I draw the line at is making fun of legitimately disabled or mentally challenged people. That is wrong!

I feel that by being too PC that we are hurting ourselves and our future generation.

We must be able to tell our truth without fear of punishment. 

What do you think? 

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I had a gay friend criticize the tactics used in the gay community. You have issues such as the white gay male supremacy in the movements, transphobia,--just to name a few. My gay friend was always called out as a "heterosexual" for criticizing them and their ideals, and he was not.

It's also argued whether they are true Semites.

It's also argued whether they are true Semites.

I saw this recently. There was some debate on Israel, details escape me. (It was criticism of Israel.) During the debate someone noted all the pro-Israel people were European Jews and thus not real "Semites". Citing they are not Middle Eastern descended anyway.

Correct. Arabs are more Semitic than the modern day Jew, which are mostly if not all European immigrants.

She made no apologies for it, but there are consequences for calling out the Joo.

"If you criticize Israel you're labeled an anti-Semite, question anything about the gay community and you're homophobic, pick on blacks and you're a racist."

You forgot something.....

You should indeed be considered a racist, ha ha ha, if you believe that no one but of Northern European ancestry should be called a Heathen.

Now that's what I call racist! And of course, that comes w/ some kind of "political agenda" This is where free speech and freedom of expression becomes no man's land, and of course, no one on the left ever thought of hijacking free speech!

This is where real Heathens break off from PC bullshit. I know for a fact that it took at least 2 thousand years of Heathens holding their breath desperately wanting to indentify themselves with anything that called themselves "heathen", because they had trouble indentifying themselves as anything else. You know, they wanted to be just like the fucking catholics....

"they wanted to be just like the fucking catholics...."

And *that* is why Catholics had such big families...

Oh , behind closed doors when you are

( I'm your Pope , honey...worship your god ! )

Yeah...I was raised by Roman Catholics...;)

and 'Racism' is the new pink.  Why is it abhorrent to be called one?  What happens after? Like once you call me a racist am I supposed to cuck and turn heel on my own world view?

If you disempower identifiers as an assault, what else they got?

It was once politically correct to...

- Engage in sodomy with young male students in payment for providing them an education (Ancient Greece)

- Force prisoners of war into slavery, sexual servitude, and to engage in mortal combat as entertainment (Rome).

- To behead enemies and plant their heads on stakes on city wall and to torture and dismember criminals (Feudal Europe).

- To not question the absolute and infallible authority of the Pope.

- That it was right and necessary to persecute witches.

- To discriminate against the Irish.

- To discriminate against the Chinese.

- That American Imperialism was "manifest destiny".

None of these things have much to do with manners, courtesy, or etiquette. They are political ideas that gained popularity and wide acceptance. They have, since, been replaced with newer ideas and movements; many of which have, in their turn, also been replaced. The enslavement of Africans in the first century of America, a dark and disturbing time, was changed when the politically correct view held by the majority at the time was challenged by the abolitionists (a minority fringe movement which slowly gained popularity). This led to other ideas held politically correct, such as segregation which was eventually displaced by the Civil Rights movement.

Political Correctness, then, is not about manners. It can easily be confused for manners, especially when the idea is one which you (general usage, not specific) have embraced as as a value or moral issue.

The title of this post asks a very specific question. It is asking for an opinion. A personal opinion. In answer to that question I have to answer yes.

While not specifically asked, the follow up question is implied. Why?

In reading an article about immigrants in the UK grooming marginalized girls with humiliation and segregation for sexual exploitation. What offended me was that organizations like the police, child protection services, and prosecutors almost ignored the whole thing.

It seems their outrage and disgust were out weighed by the threat of being labeled racists and the politically correct agendas of government officials trying to protect controversial policies.

Now, it is certainly true that not all politically correct ideas become politically weaponized this way. Any more than it would be fair to say all politically correct movements represent the same potential. No two ideas are equal.

But, new isn't better just because it's new any more than current is wrong because it's old.

The problem is, as I see it (and I will certainly not be offended if you disagree), is that society stands upon the brink of a major change. Like the Reformation, Renaissance, and the industrial age the globalist movement draws near.

It is inevitable. Unavoidable. It will happen.

And, just as happened then, it is a time great change, and a time of great trials and suffering.

i agree with you, and um this kinda illustrates it nicely xD

I can see PC supporters viewing themselves as just being polite towards others feelings. That's well intentioned. Nothing wrong with self imposed political correctness. The problem begins when people take the next step and expect others to be equally PC. Basically restricting what others can think and express. I don't expect people to agree all the time so no worries. However it is the hatred that comes from some aimed at those not PC enough that is concerning. This opens the door to manipulation by those wishing to manipulate such strong emotions.

I pay property tax and I'd swear the people my money goes to(elected officials and bureaucrats) use it to create endless by-laws restricting what I can do. PC gets used in similar fashion. Those in authority, or with the ambition to be in authority, see PC as an excuse to impose intellectual by-laws on the citizens they rule, or want to rule. I do not think it wise to empower the least trustworthy people in our society in such a way. Unfortunately this is the very predictable path that PC shall travel down. Those who think PC is just being polite need to ask themselves if they are just being naive and idealistic, or if they are being disingenuous.

Regarding the comment that there is nothing about the Gay community to criticize: This is the perfect example of the genesis of PC. If there is nothing to criticize then people shouldn't do so. Shouldn't do soon becomes support for "shouldn't be allowed to do so". The fact is that I could criticize the Gay Community until the cows come home. How can it then be above criticism? Frankly, the only way to be above criticism is to be perfect and none of us are perfect. When you create groups, any groups, you bring together like minded people and all their imperfections. One should always expect criticism. The bigger the group, the bigger the target. it's all simply a matter of social interactions. Been going on for centuries. What's really naive is thinking something like PC will magically change human reality.


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