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Have Society become too Politically Correct? Are we afraid of telling the truth even if it bothers someone else?

In regards to PC speech, I would like to know has to gotten to the point of where we are too PC in our behaviour and speech? By not being PC, many people are fired or imprisoned (in some countries) for their beliefs. The only thing that I draw the line at is making fun of legitimately disabled or mentally challenged people. That is wrong!

I feel that by being too PC that we are hurting ourselves and our future generation.

We must be able to tell our truth without fear of punishment. 

What do you think? 

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"We must be able to tell our truth without fear of punishment."

I hear that.

That'll never happen.

Your right about that,

While some people are complaining about being to politically correct, some people are complaining that we are becoming too tolerant. This is a country that went to war with Nazis in WW2 and now we're letting them March in Charlottesville.

Let's call it the "merging of the cultures"

"This is a country that went to war with Nazis in WW2 and now we're letting them March in Charlottesville."

From your world view standpoint, "we" didn't go to war against Stalin. But Stalin had a hand in starting the nuclear arms race, using stolen technology from the west. Then the Chinese got hold of it, then the Pakistanis got hold of it, then the North Koreans, and next it will be the religious zealots of Iran, the accusers and adversaries of "The Great Satan"

We once considered the "old Soviet Union" to be an "Evil Empire", based on their deeds, rather than PC bullshit. We know Stalin killed a lot more Jews, and a lot more of other people than Hitler did. Stalin gobbled up all of the surrounding territories bordering the Russia.

We now have Russian billionaires buying up condos in New York, and Putin starting up proxy wars wherever he can find one.

We could outlaw Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese. Any members of Hirohito's fan club. We could even outlaw descendants of the 17th century British Monarchy, based on the American Revolution and the war of 1812, and all who supported them, We could outlaw the Spaniards because they invaded Meso America.

So, after you sober up from your little hangover, you have a problem with a handful of marching neo Nazi wanna bees?

Im not very pc, but dont go oot of ma way to be a shite tae folk.


I do all the freaking time People HATE me for it I love it :)

I totally agree with , especially those of us that are interested in the occult. We spend too much time talking too kin spirits and not reaching out  because society is so judgement.

I'll speak what I need to say if people don't like it's on them I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling and like wise them to hurt mine but if we don't have a voice and or try to make small changes then our souls are darkened stained by emoral fasets of the mundane if we speak true and free then our spirit is clean if we make evan the smallest changes for the better we can still turn it around We can shine rather then glow people seem to get to wrapped up over paper and gold and other
Things of glitter and shine or electronic devices made to just smile over life to stop and look around or to enjoy there life it's sad


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