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I just joined last night, but I figured I'd at least intro myself before I start lurking and reading things. I'm not entirely new to paganism, or even online social media sites in the community, but it's been a while since I actively put myself out there. I've been learning and reading and exploring for about eight years now, and it's only been very recently that I've sort of settled into a comfortable understanding with my beliefs. I was raised in a christian household, and while it was hardly oppressive, it was very... assumed that I would worship the same as my parents did. I've been veering away from them spirituality wise for probably most of my life, if I'm honest. 

I've had a difficult ten years or so, where I've been looking for some kind of guidance, but was half afraid to look in the direction of spirituality, because of "christianity burnout," for lack of a better term. I got digging into the Celtic pantheon through a good friend about eight years ago now, and they began my real interest in possibly becoming pagan. At the time, I thought I was looking for a healing force in my life. I made a lot of false starts in reading about Brighid, but never really... got sucked in. So I stopped reading, went on with life. About two years later, I ended up right back where I'd begun, reading about the Celtic pantheon. I actually struggled a fair bit with myself at the time (still do) with the knowledge that I'm very interested in Heathenry, but with all of the racism that you run into... I was a little turned off by the concept. I'm slowly trying to educate myself and pick out what I should be avoiding in terms of racism. 

I ended up becoming almost hyper fixated- in my Celtic pantheon readings over the years- on The Morrigu, and She kept essentially hitting me over the head with "notice me!" moments, that I wrote off to something else. I'm not sure honestly why it took me so long. So I'm pretty happily ready to move forward with a warrior goddess instead of a healer that I thought I needed.

Sorry this is so long, I'm a writer, this is what I do. I guess I'll round this up by saying that I'm a mid twenties, eternal student, who probably survives on music, coffee and writing. I'd love to make a few friends in the community, local or not, who would want to discuss anything, pagan or otherwise. 

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hi and welcome there are many great pathways out there, but without knowing your interests it is difficult to decide which pathway to advise! Keep seeking and eventualy the path will find you!

Thank you! And I think I'm ending up in a sort of blended/eclectic mix of Celtic Recon and Heathenry. Guess we'll have to see. 


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