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Hey guys! I am a 30 year old from East TX, looking for some friends and connections. I am just getting started with my pagan journey and I am going to need lots of advice on rituals and how to connect with your goddess. I have also read that most pagans pick (or are given) a name that is reflective of both their goddess, and do you determine what your name should be? Also, if there is anyone from the East TX area, send me a message! It's tough finding fellow pagans who are genuinely interested in learning. Most I meet say they're "Pagan" for the shock factor since Christianity is the norm around these parts. 

Thanks in advance!! 

Love to all!!

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Hi Sasha, Welcome to pagan space. Your pagan name is something personal to you, and I'm sure you will find something that resonates with you, there's no rush. Connecting with your Goddess is dependent on who she is, and does she have a domain that she governs, which will have a bearing on your practice.  

Mine is Modern Minoan Paganism, and rituals to the goddess were once held in a Pillar crypt and we use altars and have statues of the goddess.  My research was focused on the Labyrinth which you can read about on my website   


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