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Hello Everyone! I had a question about clearing the solar plexus

For the past few years I have really gotten into paganism/witch craft and the occult among other forms of magic. But it really seems like I have tried everything to clear my solar plexus chakra and I think that really is my problem that is blocking me from magic workings and progression spiritually. I have what I feel is a wound or a blow to my self esteem stored their in that chakra as well as a lot of anger. Does anyone have any suggestions or can help in some way? Has anyone else had

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Thanks Katey for the reply. I have done every chakra meditation video on youtube and ever individual video made for the chakra itself. That stuff doesnt work.

Sorry I don't mean to sound negative.

Hi, if you are open to crystal healing Chrysocolla can be used to draw out any negativity from the solar plexus chakra, I use citrine to keep my solar plexus in check, but when self-esteem is low or I have allowed negativity to take hold, Chrysocolla is a good healer.

Hmmm well, I have tried the citrine and a few other crystals with no luck. However I can try the Chrysocolla, I have never heard of that crystal but I will give it a shot. Thanks for the tip also.

Well worth finding someone with knowledge and experience to work on you if you have tried different healing paths and you do not feel like they are working, a shamanic healer, energy worker etc.  

Yea I have seen a therapist, hypnotherapist, shaman, accupuncture, reiki, qi gong healers and im just to the point now where I want to give up in magic and everything else all together.

Then I hope you find your inner light to pull you through the dark time you are going through, no matter how clouded it is with negativity.  It is our own dwelling in negative thoughts that make the healing process longer, more painful and difficult.  I bid you a very good day and blessings to you.

Well thank you Eliza. I don't know here lately my solar plexus has been acting up a lot. Maybe it's finally clearing itself. That's why I came here. I had a recent clearing with a healer a month ago and she told me that it's still clearing and to wait another month. So I will do my best to stay positive. I am going to go on a run and a walk. So that should help. Have a great day! :)

By the way I ordered that crystal you told me about online.

This was a cool solar plexus exersize I tried once...

You might need to get someone else to do it for you, or work with you, to do it. 


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