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I'm new to the forum and I started practicing Paganism recently (few months ago). I mix Paganism and Satanism, in both philosophy and practice. The reason why is because I believe very strongly in Paganistic ideas like forms of polytheism (I'm a soft polytheist, as well as a spiritual atheist) and inseparable connections to nature but Satanism is closer to the way I live my social and daily life. They unexpectedly complimented my beliefs and each other. I practice magic too but I keep it a secret from my family and friends because I live in a highly Christian area and I don't want many people suspecting that I am an "evil witch". Only my sister knows for a fact I read some books related to magic and Satanism and she doesn't say a word about it. She understands they aren't beliefs of evil and it really is a way of life I want to follow.
Thank you for including me here and have a good day!

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This site is for bronies, starseeds, and various other water gassers trying to pass off obscene and odd behavior as paganism. Have a wonderful stay!

Okay , I think I wrapped my head around this one :

So you are an "In The Closet Magician" except your sister knows you

are in the closet , "Who Is A Satanist Who Believes In Many Deities" ,

while "Being Devoid Of Spirituality" yet "Embraces Nature" and you do

not want people to think of you as an "Evil Witch"...

And you want us to accept you !?

Sure...welcome to Paganspace...;)

Welcome! Lots of cool and interesting discussions here, so I am sure you will find a home.  It sounds to me like your spiritual path is more or less "Luciferian" - in that you perceive the Lucifer idea as a light bringer, but don't let me put any labels on you haven't applied to yourself.  In any event, please enjoy your stay!

Thank you David (and every one else who replied)! I've been going off in the Luciferian direction lately and I embrace aspects of Lucifer, both light and dark, but I'm not 100% Luciferian (at least yet). My path is one of evolution and could adopt many labels. Thanks again. :)


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