Just getting my introductory post out of the way; I'm Dendrite, and I need more active pagan spaces in my life. There's a lot going on out there and this is where I tend to find my peace.

I'm an eclectic wiccan and have been practicing some manner of the craft since I was about 12 years old. Divination is my stronger suit but I like to expand my horizons when I can. When the weather's nicer and I can forage for myself I'd like to start studying plants a little more closely. 

For a living, I mostly work as a freelance editor/writer/coder, but every now and again I get a semester where I teach English at my local university. I love movies, reading, video games, and lots of other things. 

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Hello Dendrite **Waves**

One of my favorite artists. What is yours?

I am really all over the place with these, but I've been listening to this track a lot lately: 

It's one of the tracks I pathwortk to!

Yes, I usto listen to this a long time ago. Its nice and smooth.

Nice to meet you Dendrite

You too, Enigma!

Enigma , Did you say Prodigy? ;)

I like that movie. Cool song, it goes well with the video.

 Hello from beutifull germany

Germany is beautiful. I lived there for three years. My ancestors are from Kiel.

Lived in Nürnberg for the first four years of my life; pretty much all my early memories are of that place!


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