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Herbs recommended for spiritual benifits/third eye opening/spirit talk?

I'm looking for smokable/consumable herbs that are safe to use for a beginner in third eye opening. I feel I already have a of connection with the tree in my yard, and I'd be able to connect and 'speak to' more easily if I used certain safe herbs.

Also, a friend whose allergic to smoke is looking for edible herbs to help with this. She says she can naturally read auras, so she might be attuned to using these even for a beginner.

Also taking recommendations for sage/insence.

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I find scent useful in some cases, I like essential oils... Rosemary, Sandalwood, Lilac, Lavendar and camphor all have properties that seem to help with psychic work (be careful with camphor as it can chase away lovers and sexual appetites... which can actually be useful in some curcumstances.) I also find Marigold, as a flowering herb or tea, to be helpful, especially with totem or familiar communication. Mugwort tea can also help, but do be careful as it's not recomended for women who may be pregnant.
Those are the ones I can think of... but then be careful with any herb or oil you use because I'm not an herbalist and can't make those recomendations.
thank you for your imput. i have those in stock on my shelf so i'll check it out
well marijuana... i got that in stock ^.^
blue lotus? i've never heard of it, like you said i'll have to look it up.
rosewood seeds, what do you use these for most often?
and what kind of mushrooms are we talking about here eehh?
of course i always take precaution.
i never go into anything i know i cant handle because who would i be fooling?
i also argee with you. when i use salvia in my rituals of meditation and connecting with the goddess or the spirits around, i works so well that its worked 8 out of 10
VERY good experiences here. have you?

Disclaimer - don't try ANY of this stuff if you have health issues. Be sure you use a buddy and be smart about this.


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