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Hey guys my name is Jeff otherwise known as "storm" and I'm a 3rd degree wiccan high priest in my family's craft that has been past down threw The bloodline from generation to generation dating back to the Salem witch trials. If there is anyone in the Jacksonville Florida area that would like to learn and grow and possibly earn the right to join my powerful coven please feel free to message me on here or on facebook under stormz mc if you do choose to message me on facebook please explain that your from pagan space. Serious inquiries only please!! Blessings to you and yours! 

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This doesn't sound right. Salem didn't even have real witches. Is this a troll post?

If I understand this correctly the OP is a 3rd degree Wiccan priest in his family's craft. So your family are wiccans too? Then you inform us that your family's tradition can be traced back to the Salem witch trials.  What? Really? I thought Wicca had only existed in America since 1952. This is not making sense. Could the OP please expand further on the original post?

It's also not from America, Wicca originated from Britain.


As in, 'Namaste right here on my couch. '

Any so called witch that can't spell words correctly...

Such as the word "through" instead of the incorrect

usage of the word "threw" , I would not trust to teach

any sort of *spellwork*...

It shows mental laziness , and a lack of will to convey

information properly , thus equating to a lack of ability

to convey desire and intent properly to the universe ,

spirits , gods , or Otherside...

As for the rest of your post , I leave that for others to

challenge you for now , Storm...

I will state , however , the way you present yourself ,

in a form of braggadocio , and using the ego handle

Stormz MC , immediately sets off alarm !

When someone asks i i want to join a coven i want to know details such as what kind of coven? What the requirements would be before even considering if i would want to join.

Honesty really is the best policy. Don't worry about impressing anyone, just be yourself. 


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